Friday, September 7, 2007

Creative Chaos

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So writing is blog is a good test of how much writing time I can work into my days with my daughter... and it's not going well! I'll be participating in NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) in November and it requires an average of 1,667 words per day to finish 50K in the month. I've succeeded the past two years, and I'm planning on writing the sequel to last year's novel... but I hope I have enough time to write it all. And to prepare, reading the first novel, devoting the time needed for brainstorming and planning and plot outlining. I did an enormous amount of prewriting last year and it paid off in my best fiction yet, so I'm torn between Sophie-time and novel-time. Hopefully it can become more organic as we both figure it out.

For instance, I'm now typing with one hand as I hold her and a book in another. Watch the quality of writing plummet!

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But Sophie shows me all these crazy, spontaneous, invigorating actions and reactions that I thank her for; they help me appreciate life, and they remind me of the energy and creativity on which writing thrives. For instance, she'll try to do two things at once, like cry and smile, or nurse and chew on her hand. And on one hand she can't figure it out, but on another, why choose just one? Can't our life encompass it all? There's this gleeful, unconscious acceptance of all of life there. And then I'll be kissing her face, nibbling on her cheeks, and she'll open her mouth to do the same to me. And soon it's a dance as we swish our faces back and forth, accompanying ourselves with squeals and giggles. And just a few minutes ago she tried to "kiss" me this way, and promptly burped into my cheek. "Thank you," I said.

And I was grateful. Especially because about fifteen seconds later she decided to look around, away from my face, before spitting up.

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