Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Riding the Wave's Crest

Niggling in the back of my head is the oft-repeated phrase of parents, "This too shall pass." We sing it to each other like a prayer or lullaby when our children are going through some maddening phase, like refusing to be put down even within your sight while you put on your pants, or waking all night long ready to party for hours. We remember that it's all going to change again next week.
So I'm trying to be humbly grateful for what I admit will likely be a crest in the many waves of parenting, enjoying the high while it lasts, before we take another tour of the low.

My daughter let me rock her to sleep. In the comfy recliner we got off craigslist for our nursery. Cozied up against my tummy. She didn't jab her legs into my thigh or grunt or cry (Sophie-speak for "Giddy up, Mama! You must walk me for twenty to ninety minutes for me to go to sleep!"). I loved cuddling, and my back loved sitting. And... she's let me do this several times now. Plus, she's dropped into dreamland like pearls slipping off a string, a few moans as she likes to emit before sleeping, and she's out, while we've been downstairs bouncing for mere minutes or sitting in the patio or out in the park.

I think maybe she's just getting the hang of going to sleep, but I also have to give myself credit for being in tune with her rhythm of waking and sleeping. It's a dance and we're each learning as we go.

Then there's the whole part where she's totally fun and endearing. Seriously, your cuddliest cartoon bunnies don't stand a chance next to my kid. Her cuteness quotient is just through the roof. It's all about the giggles and smiles and attempts to eat my face with her these days (the latter being part of what we've dubbed the "Sophie-Monster" game). My funny noises and singing and flying her through the air are earning rave reviews from her. She still freaks out with groups in enclosed spaces like the mom's group I attend or restaurants, but far and away this kid is just so darn easy to hang out with. She loves to ride along with me through periods of chores, too. When she needs a break and more attention, it's normally good for me to stop and take a break by then anyway.

Egad, what terrifying two year old tantrums or maddening teenage surliness will surely come calling in karmic reimbursement for this golden-child near-five-month-old?

Whatever. I am thankful for this day, and my daughter's happiness. I'm riding the wave.


Hippie Housewife said...

Thanks for the heads up on the lavender EO, I hadn't heard that. I'd only heard about TTO being not good to use. If it's not one thing, it's another! I was planning on doing water, baby soap and lavender - will have to revise a bit.

Leanne said...

Just what I heard! :)