Friday, September 14, 2007

Why does the house smell like pickles?

That's the question I'm worried my husband will ask when he gets home. I ponder teasing him with threats of being pregnant again, but before I can enjoy visualizing the apoplexy's effect on his facial expression, the smell of the vinegar fades.

This week was the great green cleaning experiment. Motivated by a desire to get the house cleaned while wearing my daughter Sophie in my wrap, I finally got my shit together and mixed a little white distilled vinegar in a bunch of water in a spray bottle from Costco. The bottle came in a four pack and I dutifully checked off which type of cleaner I was brewing up. with a black Sharpie, and gleefully crossed out "hazardous" and labeled the ingredients. The bottle was also professional grade and when the light squirts I aimed at the bathroom mirror and then even the cloth cleaning towel resulted in a explosive mist bouncing back at my four month old and me, I was especially glad that all it contained was vinegar and "H2O."

Oh, yes, I also got cloth microfiber towels. How environmental am I? And I scored a deal by buying a pack in the automotive section of the store rather than shelling out $3-5 each in the cleaning section. I mean, they're just for wiping on dirty stuff, right? But I hope they get more absorbant after a wash. That back-spray was harsh. I don't want to pickle my baby.

Pictures of my gleaming bathroom and sliding glass main entryway coming soon! I could hardly believe how well this simple solution (as on concoction, although it solved the problem of keeping toxic chemicals away from Sophie as well) worked. No smudges or streaks, and it's multisurface! And after it all dried and I washed my hands, there was no smell at all.

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