Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Agony of Defeat... and the Contentment of Watching Too Much TV

So... I can win NaNoWriMo with a bad cold. I bet I could win it with a 7 month old, too. But a bad cold plus a 7 month old? I surrender!

It was already so hard to try to scrape out a few minutes here and there to write. And I write best when I can get going, after close to a thousand words; the ball just starts rolling and I can do several thousand in a sitting. It was already incredibly frustrating to try to write while stopping every ten minutes to position Tiny Face on my boob to nurse (as she slept-- she'd wake and whine and I'd try to keep her asleep so I could write!). When I got the cold and I was even more tired than I've been the last seven months? YEAH. When Dashing Daddy took her to walk her down for the night or she fell asleep, all I wanted to do was sleep or watch very mentally unchallenging television. The good news is, the pressure of November made me revisit my novel from last year and do a ton of planning for book number 2. I just have to go with the flow now, in motherhood. And I can say, as a two-time writer/winner of NaNo, it was just not the same this year, and at 20,000 or so it was time for a break. We can do another challenge in January.

So, we're back to normal life. Better post a few things about Thanksgiving and other thoughts that have been tumbling around inside my head... in a little bit.

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Leslie said...

Sigh...I know how it is. I am anxious to read the next book but now I guess I'll have to wait. All my favorite authors write too slow! Sigh...