Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's 10:00...

Tiny Face woke up a little before 5am. She went to sleep soooo early last night, before 6pm. Of course it was a bit of a challenge to KEEP her asleep all evening but worth it as I got to eat pizza in bed, brought to me by my sweet husband, and we got to watch a movie together all the way through! I got up pretty game, thinking she had done this a few times last week and was all cuddly and went down again pretty soon. HA!

OVER FOUR HOURS LATER she finally goes down for a 40 minute nap. Now we're back up again. OH boy.

Did I mention it was one of those wiggle-every-ten-minutes nights last night? Whew. We had fun this morning but when I needed breakfast she was not letting me put her down or even eat without grabbing at my food before I could get it anywhere near my mouth. I was so hungry and tired! I know there was probably an easier way to deal, but I swear my IQ is dropping steadily. Something about not being able to have a long train of thought.

At least she's pretty happy these days when I'm playing directly with her. Fun! But demanding in terms of getting a chance to eat or comb my hair. Which I still haven't done this morning. Yeesh. Better do that before I can escape out to the fabric store. Where's that hat....

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