Sunday, November 4, 2007

NaNoWriMo Ate My Donut

Okay, NaNoWriMo Ate My Soul is the forum for novelists in distress, but I'm doing okay. Maybe just like NaNo stole my delicious pastry. I am on target thus far for my word count. I'm finding the time to write during Tiny Face's first nap of the day, when I am not in such dire need of a nap myself. Noveling in the morning, napping in the afternoon, maybe a little more noveling at night, or some DVR TV with the Dashing Daddy. Not a bad life! Of course I've always had a week off for Thanksgiving, as high school teacher, which usually involved either preparing a feast for many or traveling to Davis as well as grading many papers, but also affording gobs of free time for making a push through catching up, getting ahead, and getting through the tricky middle of the book. We'll see how I slog through that push this year. Everyone seems to say week two hits you the hardest (the old name for the distress forum used to be I Hate Myself and Want to Die, and it got many hits with week two), but I think it's when you realize you can do this, but you have so much story to get through and bring together and bring to a crescendo. And you have enough done that you can see what it's actually becoming, and you can compare this to the ideas you had when you began... Yikes! Don't want to psych myself out early! Besides, what am I doing wasting precious words on my blog? Well, it's okay, I've finished today's word count quota as well: 6,753 outta 50,000. And I finally finished the first chapter and got them the hell outta that dang forest!

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Leslie said...

Good thing you have reinforcements coming to help you get through week two!