Sunday, December 2, 2007

And on the Seventh Day She Rested

And so did her poor parents! Sophie may have wiggled a lot in the morning and gotten up at 5am, but the HOURS of undisrupted sleep all night, with maybe a quick cuddle and nursing in there somewhere, were heavenly! We almost made it to early mass, but ended up going later, and she was a complete riot and wanted to walk around nonstop, so it was pretty crazy for her poor mama. Still, a peaceful moment in the midst of a crazy world and time of year, with some nice thoughts on focusing on people for Christmas and preparing for Christ in our lives.

So last night we all went to the town's Holiday Parade. We had planned on getting downtown "early" but were running a bit late, still pretty early.... but soon we were stuck in traffic and saw families disembarking from cars parked in the shopping center still a ways from the 101. So we made a quick decision, or even acted without thinking, and pulled into the Denny's parking lot. Lots of others were doing the same. We learned later there were shuttles but we had a marvelous walk down to the coast, and after the parade it was sweet to walk under the stars as Sophie went suddenly to sleep.

We walked all up and down the parade route, ducking into interesting-looking stores, checking out the rather small Christmas tree down at the shopping center at the end (pictured)...
The tree

Looking at the tree (the Christmas tree)
running into our next door neighbors (!) and enjoying the whole air of frivolity and holiday spirit. Sophie totally loved watching the parade , checking out all the many, many entries. She watched a while in the wrap on me, and then later in Daddy's arms for a change, and she made friends with a little 9 month old boy who came out of his stroller to play. The two little old ladies sitting next to where we stood finally noticed Sophie and loved on her the rest of the night. Aunt Emily and her friend Lindsay came by for a while and Sophie stayed awake and happy the whole parade, conking out as soon as we walked back up for a hot meal we took to make our parking job legal. She slept a good long time, woke up to dazzle the other patrons (mostly other parade goers and marchers), and went out easily again once we were home and cozy and had a loooong nurse. It was a wonderful family event and now a great memory for us. Pics are on flickr; here are a few....


Watching the parade with Daddy

Family together

There goes a fire truck!

Sophie loved watching the parade

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Leslie said...

So Sophie gave you an Advent present!