Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bad Nights and Good Mornings

Well, the sleep-deprivation experiment continues, although last night it was just periodic squirming and whining, not getting up for two hours to forestall that. But still not great sleep, and rather tedious.

But this morning I got up with Tiny Face, and got her changed (yay, stripping the diapers with Dawn totally worked and they are no longer leaking overnight!) and glanced outside. It. was. gorgeous. We were cooped up inside alllll day yesterday by the rain, which was persistently steady. So I dashed to throw on some clothes (we'd wash later) and threw her in the wrap and burst out into the morning. The sun was shining, there were big white clouds riding the sky, and some pregnant with rain off to the northeast. There was "glory light" pouring out of a break in the thicker clouds to the south. The eucalyptus trees were dark and high against the blue sky, and the vaulting branches and clouds created a feeling that we were in nature's cathedral. We enjoyed our walk all the way down the nave, er, big street, to Starbucks, saw a mama with a babe in a frame backpack and got smiles from folks, and trooped back home. We sang and bounced and laughed and when we got back Sophie nursed a long time, ands then was kinda mellow... for a little while. Now she's been shrieking and laughing with Mommy and Daddy. Some pics from this morning (more on flickr)....


It's Daddy!!!!

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