Friday, December 14, 2007

Book Love

My mother likes to say I would read ANYthing as a child, right down to the back of the cereal box at breakfast (I would). I remember nearly walking into lamp posts while holding a book before my face as I walked on the local university campus. I'm the nerdy girl who takes a book with her everywhere, even to parties. You never know! And yes, I firmly hold that an "emergency book" tucked into the trunk or backseat of the car is a necessity. I've certainly made more use of one than, say, a jack.

Yes, I love books. And this time of year I especially love to find myself curled up with a good read, maybe a pizzelle (Italian Christmas cookie), and wintry weather outside. That last one is a bit more rare now that I live in southern California. And curling up on a couch happens about once a month, maybe, now that Tiny Face is here. But I still savored curling up last night on the wood dining chair moved to the kitchen as I sprang up every three minutes to move pizzelle from the iron to the cooling rack and spoon more dough on the iron, reading snatches of Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods as they cooked. Ahhhhhh....

I need a good wintertime read still. I'll be done with poor cold tired Bryson in a couple days. I'm thinking Pratchett's The Hogfather or something deeply British and hundreds of years old. I'm sure something will find me.

And now for a look back on wintertime reads good and bad:

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis: this was entertaining, scary, moving, and all centered around rampant death at Christmastime. Yay! Definitely a good choice.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer: Why, oh why did I ever think a book about a hyperactive genius child's dealing with 9-11 was a good book to be reading directly over Christmas? Depressing and uplifting and very cool with its PoMo structure and pictures and all, this would have been better in November or January.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman: A Great Book. There was a nice wintertime interlude in the third act. Mostly bugged me how much the basic concept was like that for the book I had JUST written for NaNoWriMo the month before (without knowing about this book yet). Consuming and haunting and wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Troubling a Star by Madeleine L'Engle. Vicky sits freezing on an iceberg in Antartica. I'm glad I'm cozy at home with some Christmas mints. Mmm, perfect.

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris. We like to read one essay from this at a time, on some nice familial winter night.

Tiny Face is up. Gotta go!


Rachel said...

It's totally freaking me out that I've read all these books in the winter, as well. I LOVED American Gods, too.
Ryan and I read to each other (and Luke) constantly. We read Holidays on Ice last winter, when I was preggers, and after Luke came, we kept several of David Sedaris's books in the car so Ry could read to us when we were out and about and Luke needed a nursing break.
Ryan's reading the Harry Potter books to Luke just now, and I'm alternating between The BFG and a giant treasury of Greek myths. (One's an "upstairs" book, and the other's the "downstairs" book.)
Anywho, just thought I'd comment on the uncanny similarities in our winter book tastes. (I like Lady Chatterly's Lover in the winter, too.)

Leanne said...

Oooh I should try Lady C out, then! I'm probably going to the library (even tho I have a HUGE To Be Read pile) and I DO need a new "upstairs" book. I decided The History of Love (which I started a couple years ago and must have gotten distracted from by semester finals back in my teaching days) has to stay downstairs b/c it's blue cover looks so nice in my blue downstairs, LOL.

I'm always glad to meet someone who shares brilliant taste in books ;)