Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Botanical Gardens

I discovered the Gardens last month when the AP playgroup sent out a reminder about free Tuesdays. I went, just to have someplace nice to walk around with Sophie. It's sooooooo much better than walking around the grocery store or shopping plaza for the umpteenth time! It was magical, and we explored for nearly two hours before she seemed like she needed to go home.

Today a group of us mamas went, all wearing our babies so we could go anywhere, through the dirt paths, up and down hills, through bamboo forests, African jungles with waterfalls, native California pants, an herb garden, a walled garden, a citrus grove... whew! I still don't think I've seen the whole place and I've wandered a lot twice now. I can't wait to bring Nonna :) Today was sunny and we could see an amazing view of the ocean. It was really nice to get out and hike around!

Sophie checking out the blossoms

Sophie in the bamboo forest

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Leslie said...

I can't wait either!