Sunday, December 16, 2007

Feeling Fortunate

We had a lovely family holiday gathering yesterday afternoon (pics are up on flickr) and it was so much fun to be jovial with Dashing Daddy's family all around. Tiny Face had a good long nap afterwards, and then we sped off to my friend S's shindig at her new home. We got there just in time to meet the baby of a fellow teacher-- we were pregnant at the same time and TF's just a couple weeks older than this baby. She was of course beautiful, all smooth porcelain skin, and her mama is a great woman (I mean, aMAZing, inspiring-students winning-awards changing-the-world kinda great), and not to be condescending, but I just felt so fortunate that I didn't have to go back to work like she did. She works full time and runs a very demanding extracurricular program all by herself. She told me last night (and I didn't ask, so I get the impression it's kinda haunting her) that she had to stop nursing, as she just couldn't keep up supply and the baby preferred the bottle, and she felt guilty but... ...and I said what are you going to do, until our government gets wise to the benefits and starts providing maternity leave (the US is the only "first world" country that provides no universal maternity leave!). I am SO grateful I can just stay home with TF and have it be simple. I'm always there if she needs to eat, and it's so simple to fill her needs. Of course being a SAHM is also very hard. But I wouldn't be away from my sweet baby for the world. So there ya go, I've got my family around me having fun, I get to be with my dear child, I have a wonderfully supportive hubby (who is very dashing, too) who is moving on to a new job where hopefully he will be very fulfilled and continue to make $$ so I can continue to stay home, lol. And I have TF, the cutest sweetest most amazing baby in the world (verified by guinness world records, actually). Life's good!

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