Friday, December 7, 2007

Healthy Toys!

I've added a bit inn my previous toy post about the new web site (and any other sources for toys I'm finding). It has tested an abundance of toys and other child/family products for toxins, and after browsing for just a few minutes I had to come here and link it up! It's shocking what's in products intended for babies. They tested and list the results for each part of the toy, too. Also, they have a list of the best toys, that were tested and had no toxins found. I'm planning on attacking some of Tiny Face's Priddy books to cut out the parts that came up with lead, PVC (the bad plastic with phthalates) and arsenic. ARSENIC!!! Yeesh. And this is a nice looking expensive cloth toy book. I hope the web site keeps testing so more and more products are fully disclosed at long last. It just shows that you can't be too careful when it comes to the things your baby will play with on a regular basis. I know it's about continued exposure, but my baby plays with those books every day! Luckily I don't think she's chewed on them too much, but she grabs them for ten minutes and then sucks on her hands... ugh! I was glad to see her Fisher Price plastic toys (made in Mexico) vindicated; her ring stacker was in the list of best toys. But mostly this makes me want to buy only from brands that are above suspicion, like Selecta and other strong European ones, and reeeeallly limit what comes into her circle of toys. It's bad enough all the toxins we're swimming in on a daily basis that are in stuff all around the house... but that's a mission for another day! One step at a time!


Angie said...

I spent most of my morning ( while Jamie was napping) looking at that site. I found two of his teethers had the arsenic in it. WTHeck!

Leanne said...

OMG! Sheesh!