Sunday, December 16, 2007

The One That Got Away

A couple weeks back I saw a post that had JUST gone up on The Baby Wearer offering two bEco baby carriers, each for $80, an incredible price for the Cadillac of soft structured carriers! One was in the print Kashmir, and after looking at a few pics, I realized I LOVED the print. It was girly but geometric, with a touch of gothic thrown in. And I posted a reply... to find when the page reloaded both carriers had sold in a heartbeat! I sighed, and moved on. I needed to try my friend's bEco out still anyway, see if the fit worked for us, see if it helped with getting TF on my back. I needed to see an actual picture of THIS bEco to see the exact condition... It just wasn't meant to be.

Alas, I tried to tell myself all those things, but all I could think, especially when I saw other bEcos offered for $120, that this was The One That Got Away. I couldn't stop thinking of it. I was rueful. Come ON. Fourth-generation design, dual-adjustable straps, three-sectioned waist band, detachable matching hood, espresso straps...

And then today my incessant stalking of the for sale or trade boards payed off for real. The mama who had bought Kashmir had found another bEco in her dream print. She was offering Kashmir back up (for the same $80, per TBW etiquette). I typed as fast as I could, hoping that by the time I posted it wouldn't be gone again. And within a minute I got a reply-- Kashmir was mine for the taking! Dashing Daddy is happy he doesn't have to go Christmas shopping for me. I'm happy because I can try this out and if it just doesn't work, I can pass it along to another mama and only be out the shipping. And then use the $80 for something else fun! But I really hope the bEco works for us. We'll see! It was so fun to find it again!

Here she is:


Now I just have to wait for it to make its way from the midwest; she's shipping out tomorrow!

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