Friday, December 7, 2007

Why We Don't CIO

Well, DUH, for starters. And there's no way I could go into all our reasons in one quick post as DD naps beside me. But I've come across a couple really well written articles on the reasons why CIO is utterly unsupported by all the reliable research and, oh yeah, babies themselves, so I thought I'd link them up here. (erm, if I would take the time to figure out how to link up stuff! gotta get the nerd daddy to remind me of the code... YAY, did it!)

I just read this:
The baby is the expert! This totally clicks with how we parent! I love how it talks about babies providing immediate feedback, being programmed by nature, and just listening to your baby. I was anxious about this in the early days, because I wanted Tiny Face to know we were there for her, but WOW it's an amazing journey when you just tune in to their needs and how they communicate them, and don't let any other "noise" out there in the culture (of selling, and selling what certain parents want to hear) interfere.

Here's the article that explains the truth behind "Babywise." It's really scary how so many parents pick up this book or are gifted it; do they know the truth behind the book, its author, and his life?

Then the classic Harvard study:
Which explains that closer is indeed better.

Okay, I'm off to relax more fully and watch some of the DVD that's loaded up :) Sorry this was so half-done!


Leslie said...

Plus your mommy said so...

Leanne said...

LOL! Yeah!

Hippie Housewife said...

That article on Babywise is excellent - but also so sad and scary knowing how many people take his advice without knowing the dangers behind it.