Friday, January 25, 2008

Just Checking In

I have no big events or thoughts occurring right now. I dunno. I am just seriously enjoying rolling around on the floor with my baby. What can I say?

But I feel like I should update my blog. So here are all the random odds and ends of the last few weeks.

Resolution Updates:

-10 lbs down!
-Not too much has been decluttered. We've marked certain things for death (okay, trash/charity) but we need a weekend when we are not all sick or attending social events all day both days to get the stuff out the door.
-We're down to the last few major babyproofing steps. We need to get rid of the last torch lamps and redo the cables and cords behind the desk, and then downstairs will be pretty much free-range space for TF. As it is she wanders around for an hour at a time, scooting on her cute lil cloth diapered behind, roaming and exploring and babbling! She loves to pull everything out of the toybins/laundry basket/pile of carriers/bag of cloth bags, so I put it all back neatly and she's entertained for a long while!
-We've been eating locally already (yay!), trying new foods and searching out the best sources. It hasn't raised our grocery bill one bit, too! Gotta seriosly think about that CSA soon...

What else?

We got new rugs so the Tiny One has a clean soft surface for her butt scootching.

Dashing Daddy loves his new job.

My subscription to Mothering Mag finally started (I thought I was getting it last year but a certain dashing husband got it for me for xmas, yay!).

And finally TF has not yet napped today! I think we're going to go try again now, oh squirming one!!

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