Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Brain Storm

I think Sophie's little head is going to explode, the way she's suddenly clued into language. Seriously, last month it was suddenly FOOD and now it's WORDS!

Someone mentioned doing "So big!" with their baby and I thought, "Oh yeah, that's a fun baby thing," and tried it-- and Sophie picked it up immediately. Now she sometimes does it on her own to get me to smile and say it. And she can already say "Hiiiii" and "Da-Da," and she can do an increasing number of signs. That's what's freaking me out a bit here: this morning I was reminding her of the sign for "nurse" and I don't know if it was the word or the sign, but she started pulling at my shirt to get to the nursies, and had a couple sips. Then later we were watching the video below and totally on her own she put up her hand and did the nurse sign! Wow!

She is also big into putting things on her head right now, and so now if you say "head" she touches her head. But if I say "nose" she touched MY nose, because we have played a game since she was a newborn where I say "finger finger finger finger NOSE" wiggling my finger at her until I tap her nose. So she likes to play with me too, now (tho she's been doing that for quite a while).

I can hardly believe she's picking up signs and doing them on her own so quickly. I had some idea in my head that it would be months before she would communicate in this way to us. But her mother did used to carry a Roget's thesaurus she got for Christmas to school with her, so what did I expect?

She is also asking all day long, over and over, to sit on my lap in the comfy chair and read books, turning the pages, pointing at pictures, listening to me read. She has her favorite pages at which she'll laugh, like the cactus in Hop on Pop and the lion in La Giornata di Elmer. She loves to find the moon in The Going to Bed Book and Goodnight Moon; I think that might be a new word, soon, because I was saying it, talking about the painting in the playroom, and she started pointing and wanting me to read Goodnight Moon to her. I guess I should teach her the sign for moon to see. She's always loved looking up at "her moon" at night, and I did call her my little moon-face the first week after her birth.

She was so tiny then; I can't believe she's growing into such a little linguist already!


Leanne said...

She just waved bye-bye to Daddy as we left the room this morning!

Leanne said...

Okay, overly adoring mother on overdrive here: She reportedly gave a friend a kiss on the head today (I wasn't watching but Wildthing swears), she waved bye-bye to everyone (often after they had left the room), and did the sign for nurse a few more times as she nursed to sleep this afternoon (after a confused, desperate mash up of several different gestures as she tried to tell me what she wanted--wave! clap! head! LOL, poor thing! When she was calmly nursing away upstairs she did the sign).

All I'm saying is that my child is clearly a genius. But I knew that already! Seriously, though, I am loving this signing program!