Monday, March 10, 2008

First Tooth!

Loving looks

Sophie finally cut a tooth through (we could finally feel it Sunday after a couple miserable nights). It was the bottom middle on her right. I bet the other bottom middle tooth is on its way soon, and the left side top one continues to produce a big white dot on the gums, so it must be putting pressure on the gum. I guess I'm in for a lot of those miserable nights (Sophie tossing and wailing sometimes every few minutes with maybe some deep breaks in there I'd guess). It's so sad to hear her wake up crying! And it's interminable each night.

She also stood by herself (mama let go of her hands) for several seconds this weekend. She was NOT happy about it (she is very reluctant to cruise or have us let go of her hands, but if she's interested in something, she'll forget and let us walk her about with just one hand touching). But Dashing Daddy and I both got to squeal with delight, and afterwards she got a lot of cozy hugs. Proof that her muscles are capable! She just knows we're there for her :) Hmm, now where could she possible get that whole not-a-dare-devil quality?

She is very big on clapping her hands and rocking to music, giving high-fives, and making the "here have this microscopic something wonderful between my fingers" pincer gesture. It started with her handing over whatever tiny things she found on the floor to us ("Sophie, what do you have? Don't eat it! Can I have it?") and now she likes to try to feed me my hair, and endless bits of nothing. I think she's starting to associate it with eating, which is good; it IS the sign for cereal, and it IS how she picks up her food. Maybe she learned it from the baby signs book! Not likely as we just bought the first cereal we might try with her... it's probably processed garbage but it's something NOT wet she can snack on that'll vacuum up without leaving a colorful stain behind, and I am starting to get a mama impulse to be sure she's getting more vitamins (and yes she must get a lot from her food) by the time she's at a year. She HAS started eating more and more. I try to let her go at a bunch of food (garbanzo beans and blueberries today!) for a looooong time. I never worried with breastmilk if she was getting enough (after the first week or so when she surprised me by being such a speed-nurser); nursing was easy! Now we're getting down and dirty and industrious. But at least she's got a tooth to chew now!

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Leslie said...

She's just waiting to walk when we're all there!