Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Her Mother's Daughter

Sophie signed book!

I've been doing the sign for book for months. It was one of the few I could remember. And today she finally did it back! We were doing one of our regular marathon reading sessions with the stacks of books on the chair-side table (or filing cabinet, rather), and I would ask her if she wanted "more" "books" and finally she started putting her hands together in the book sign after each book, impatiently waiting for the next. She never does that gesture otherwise, so while it's a bit rudimentary, it's clear. No big deal; she already knew how to point to the stack of books and clearly demand the next, but her mama the English teacher and bookworm is proud today.


Leslie said...

As is her book-aholic Nonna!

Leanne said...

Of course!

She's signing it consistently now when we read. And a lot at other times, because it's like when a kid learns a new word and says it nonstop for a while-- she's the same with her signs.