Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's time for another installment...

...of "look what my baby can do!"

I know I've had a lot of this lately, but dangit I want to record this for posterity. Surely some grad student in 400 years will be grateful I noted exactly when the great TF was able to utter "dog." And the baby book hasn't been touched in months... ueerggh....

So every day brings new sounds and words and signs. Some of it is what TF can understand, like when I said "baaa" about the lambs on her dress on Easter, and then way later that morning we were reading the new Easter book her Nonna sent and there's Jesus the Good Shepard holding a sheep and I say baaa, and TF looks down and points to the sheep on her dress! So cute. There are a million new words she's clearly aware of and able to understand like that. "Where's Ice Bat? Where's your sock go? Where's your ear? Where's the bird?" And she finds the toy or item, points to the body part, and points to the illustration in the book. She likes the lil birds in the Italian language Elmer book right now.

She signed dog all by herself today, unprompted, when some dogs came to play at the park. She's also signing light NONSTOP. Granted, there are sources of light all over, and she often sees a light that's off and signs until I turn it on.

She's also trying to say words... she's doing mama a lot more now, and of course still does dada. She's stopped with "hiiii" so much now that she waves more. She definitely has been saying dog, and it seems she's trying to say both ball and ballooon-- and maybe bird, too. But they all sound like "ba!" of course. She's pretty specific and insistent though.

Okay, this post was interrupted and now concludes the next morning... someone needed mommy and only mommy to read her to sleepiness and then nurse.

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Leslie said...

She's just a Regent's Scholar in the making!