Friday, April 18, 2008

5 Days and counting...

Ohhhhh I am SO gonna cry when we sing my girl Happy Birthday.

Hey, Nonna, are you ready to (gently) pull the birthday girl's ear one time for her turning one year old? That's the only Italian birthday tradition I can find so far!

It's crazy how she has become a KID all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong-- she'll go from playing and talking to suddenly signing to nurse and conking out and there's my baby all cuddled up again... but she's my BIG baby now :). She's be in at least 12 month old sizes for a while now, but she's wearing some 18 month old shirts, and 2T and 3T pants (that cloth diaper adds some good "learning to walk and fall down a lot" padding!). As she would sign, "So big!"

I've been thinking I need to finish off her baby book for the first year... I really need to go through and jot down all the firsts and fill in some of the blanks for "favorites" and the like, then put in some pictures. But luckily with blogs, pictures, and videocameras, we haven't forgotten when stuff happened!

I am getting some new pictures up as soon as I get another ten minutes on the downstairs computer. She's a beautiful, funny girl!

I have also been thinking I need to record the words/signs she has as of one year. I'm going to try to list them all here....

Words she uses/has said:
Dada (also signs)
Mama (also signs)
Ball (Baa! sometimes signs it)
Balloon (same as ball, and this can be for a small balloon or a hot air balloon, or even the moon!)
Bird (Biir!)
Fish (sssshhhhhh, while doing the sign)
Nonna (also can sign it--we think she's also trying to say grandma and grandpa, and she can sign them, too, but it's all a bit muddled, as it's kind of harder)
Baby (Dayday, while signing-- this often means she wants to watch Baby Signing Time)
Sign (Shiii, and she can sign it, which typically means Signing Time)
Cereal (sheer, and signs it)
More (Moar, and signs it)
Car (and signs it-- she also does this for all transportation, like bikes, altho she signs airplane and makes a cute airplane engine noise to go with it)
She used to say Hi but now only signs it, but she can say and sign Bye bye
Book (Booa, and signs it)
Water (Waaa and does her own version of the sign)
Duck (duh, and signs it like bird)
I think she might be saying "baa" for sheep right not
Shoes (shhhu, and only does the sign if holding her shoes in her hands! She will grab her foot for this and socks and feet and toes, too!)
I swear to god she's saying "What's that?" (whaDAaaa?) and has for months, plus she does this cute thing where she babbles like "where is it?" or "where'd it go?" and makes a gesture of shrugging and holding her palms up flat.
The other day she was playing peekaboo with herself in the mirror and said "AHboo" whenever she peeked at herself... so I guess that's "peekaboo" too.
She goes "mmm" (and sometimes signs/says more over and over) for music and signing.
"Shheee" for stars and sparkles right now, too...
Tetshh for teeth, and she signs it. She loves the brush your teeth song
Elbow "Bobo" (and points, and LAUGHS at Mama's elbow... hmmm) Actually she points at a lot of face parts/body parts, too... eye, ear, nose, hair... now we're trying to teach her "bum"! LOL
Knee (and point)

Words she signs:
She mostly just signs these, also she imitates so many sounds now too...
Horse (she also will say "neigh" sometimes too!)
Fan (also the same for pinwheel, altho she makes this fffff sound at the same time, too)
Airplane, with sound effects
Hot (three blows of air-- also for fireplaces in life and picture books!)
Eat (and she has her own little Uuhhn noise she makes that's very clearly "put food in my mouth"!)
Thank you
All done (altho right now she thinks this means the high chair or food, but often she still uses it to mean get me out of this chair, lol).
Bunny (her sign is just like her water sign but it hops faster!)
Light, of course!
Sleep/sleepy (I can't remember if she's kind of said this, too)
Wash hands
I think she started doing "bath" recently.

Sheesh, I can't remember anything else... not sure if this is definitive; I should check with Dashing Daddy. But WOW, little girl of mine, you are VERBAL! I hope Dashing Daddy's genes help you do better than your mama on the math section of the SAT (it's okay, they have TWO language based sections now, LOL). I love it because we can communicate, which is lovely in and of itself, but also because you can just let us know what you want quickly and happily, and we don't reduce you to tears with our boneheaded inability to tell that OF COURSE you want us to play "Lovesong" for a fifth time, or get you outta that chair, or feed you, or whatever! You just keep totally blowing away our expectations for how much you will learn, and we know you understand so much more than you can yet say. You're amazing! And we love you.


Hippie Housewife said...

What a vocabulary. Wow.

Leslie said...

Pronto sulla 'tug'...and we can all cry together!