Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday Girl Ideas

Dashing Daddy suggested to me that folks might want some specific tips in finding the Birthday Girl some treasures. Of course she doesn't expect anything, but if anyone was pondering how to find what she might like, and wishes it was easier, here are some ideas...

She LOVES books, and is still pretty much on board books but will probably do better with regular paper before too too long. She's starting to get into toys like shape sorters (or anything more "complex" like stackables, containers, puzzles, etc), cars/trucks/trains/planes/boats/etc, toys/cloth books with buttons/ties/zippers/other amazing things on them, musical instruments, balls, and dolls. Anything is full of wonder for her, really! Here are some places we like to shop (for ideas or actual toys!):

Oompa (great selection and different ways of searching)
The Magic Cabin
The Magical Child (local shopping, and the ladies who work there are very helpful in finding things)
Amazon wishlist, under her name (LOTS of books and some baby toys that have been on there a while...)
Guitar Hero 3 and 4

Okay, that last one seems odd. But I'm just following directions from Dashing Daddy!

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Leslie said...

Somehow I knew that idea came from elsewhere!