Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nearing a Year

I can't believe my baby's about to turn one year old. She's changed so much, and every day turns more and more into Sophie. Her Sophieness increases exponentially. And the girl's got personality.

We've been struggling with having introduced a wee bit of TV to her. She's seen (and ignored) sports and news (firestorm 2007!), but she was like a crack addict with Signing Time. She finally seems to be understanding when we say "Signing Time is sleeping now" that she can't watch it again. But there were a couple rough days there. Her ability to communicate, however, is growing so fast, it's hard to say it wasn't worth it. We're continuing to see which volumes we like best; the two Baby Signing Time DVDs are clearly the favorites. And I don't know if I appreciate certain ones teaching her "ice cream" and the like. Same issue with books sometimes, but it's easier to skip over the bad pages (or paste something over the offending image). But they've all been helping us all to learn the signs, and she's adding more and more to her regular usage each day. She clearly understands much more than she can say, too.

I can hardly imagine how much she'll keep changing even in the few weeks before her birthday, and in the coming months. Surely she'll be trying walking on her own a bit more. She seems interested in things on a new level... friends' big toy trucks are enticing, she's following emotions and plot in her storybooks more, and she's starting to put things together/back in bins/over the edge of the bathtub, instead of just throwing things off shelves/out of bins. We love it when she tossing something down/into a bin/over the edge and then says "Where is it?" (seriously, it sounds like this, and has for months and months just like her "What dat?"). I think it's time to get her the wooden shape sorter box toy thingy I saw at Magic Cabin. For now she's putting her ring stacker pieces back together (the tower and base parts).

Of course her big fascination continues to be bikes and other toys with wheels. She toddles over (with mama helping) to all the bikes and scooters at playgroup to study them. We got her her first bike! Of course it is a trike and has no pedals, but still. And then a cute baby helmet to go with it. Safety first! Of course she's a Davis girl by blood if not actual address, so a bike is appropriate. I've also had sweet grandmothers out in public tell me that was their first birthday gift to their now grown children as well, so it seems the thing to do.

She seems to be dropping down to one nap, very gradually, which makes our days quite hard to predict. And she's so up and down all the time that mama is going to be trying out a nice ring sling in the very near future, and a pouch that she'll probably wear all the time. You know those moments when you think you're just running into the other room for something and the next thing you know you've been holding your baby for 20 minutes and your arm is aching? Yeah, she's 20 pounds and we're going to work on core strength instead of that one poor arm muscle! Of course I'm still eying maybe one more ring sling in linen, for summer/fall, too, and some mei tai panels just for fun... but I think our carrier options are a good variety and functional for now. And the best part is, we've got it all down and ready to go for all our future kids, too. Thanks, Pancake Baby! Oh, dear. Well, you got undivided attention for a couple years, too, and you can go to Stanford and your little brother will settle for UCD, and your little whatever will be stuck with State, and any more will be apprenticed at 12 to local metalworkers or weavers, so it's a trade off.

Just trying to catch up on what's happening... we're probably going to head out for some outdoor time now that the haze has burned off. We're looking forward to seeing the family in just a few more weeks for the big birthday bash!

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