Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back to the Book

I started in again on Book Two of my fantasy trilogy. I've been thinking about it for a few weeks, and finally I decided to see if I can work some writing into my days. Ultimately I figured that Sophie is clearly doing very well, and I might as well assume that I AM the luckiest woman alive and put some of that luck towards my writing.

I'm trying to figure out where to jump in. I usually novel by NaNo, but I find that prep definitely helps (as well as leaving some room for spontaneous movements), so I am going to see if I can work out some broader vision while I have time. I know I need to go back and expand Book One, Demeter's Daughters. I have some ideas for Book Three and I might try to work out more details so I can build up to a big finish... or just leave it up in the air. I know a big cave figures in, at this point. Yeah.

Book Two (right now either Fall or The Bright Fall I think, rather than Brightness Falls which sounds like a NaNoism of the worst sort, looking back, altho that's what on the document title right now!) needs Books One and Three to get their act together before it can sort itself out. But it is something of a lovely mess. And that's really the point; I'm enjoying the mess of it all. I just want to wind up the plot a bit and let the characters go crazy, because the mythology of it all is worked out pretty well at this point. Now it needs some life. But that's what Shitty First Drafts are for (thank you, Anne Lamott, for giving me an excuse to swear when I just promised myself that I would stop 100%... writing doesn't count, right? TF is way too verbal to swear around, but she can't actually read yet so I should be safe.)

I also need to figure out if these are young adult books or not. It seems plenty of edgy topics are fine in YA these days so that's all right. I just need to decide that it's going to be YA and stick with it, because I keep jumping around. But my MC is only 17 when the books start, so I think it should be. Can you tell I am giving myself a talking to about this right now? :P

Okay, so I also need to finish some research/inspirational reading, which means some Women Who Run with the Wolves (which was awesome when I read some last fall) and some At the Root of this Longing (which looks interesting) and some Heroine's Journey (which I got at the library sale for cheap and hopefully won't suck; somebody took my Joseph Campbell from my classroom two years ago so I might go rebuy it... how can you not have Hero with a Thousand Faces in your house, huh? MAN that was a pain to get and pricey, last time... Oh well, you can't live without a lil Campbell on your shelf!)

Right now, tho, I think it's naptime. It was a miserable night with TF. I stayed up way too late (Pride and Prejudice was on twice in a row on cable... now, I own this DVD and watched in a few months ago, but still I kept it on for three hours while I brainstormed my cipher of a male MC into a thin but slightly more than two dimensional existence). And then TF clawed and flopped more than usual. If we do end up hitting the (miserable!) Padres game this afternoon, I want to have rested up. I will probably bring a book there anyway!


Leslie said...

Sounds like you've been getting ready to get back to this for a bit...lots of thought processing going on there!

Leanne said...

Yeah, all tumbling around in my head... You are the only one to have read all of DD so I might pick your brain at some point for feedback.

We did see the Padres (they won! hours later while we were at dinner!) and I did read a chapter and a half of Everything Belongs :)