Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm just saying...

Sophie loves to "read" Hop on Pop-- she'll point to the title of the book and go "Puh! Puh!" I guess because the title and the first two pages have a LOT of the P sound. So I started pointing out to her the letter P and making the sound, and then we started doing that just the past week with a bunch of letters. Mostly if you ask her, "What's that say?" and point to a letter she goes, "Puh! Puh!" but she only does this when she points to letters (not, say, little rows of stars decorating a book) so I figured that was good progress. But today she was looking at Snuggle Puppy and I was reading Kingsolver, all cuddled in the chair together, and I realize she's going "O! Ooo!" in the little voice she uses for "reading"... and she's pointing at the big O on the back cover of the book. Normally she'd say "ball" for a circle, so I am pretty amazed. There was no doubt she remembered from the last two days when I had thought to say "O" a couple times.

Um, I'm just saying... my baby can read!

Or at least is starting to get the idea of letters.

Of course, if I point and ask, she still goes, "Puh! Puh!" because that's the habit I guess, but on her own she can point out at least one letter and say the name/sound!

ETA: She did it again looking at the Boyton books at Barnes and Noble... she was saying O for the P, then when I showed her the book with the big O, and asked "What does that say?" she started to say P, but stopped, looked back at it, and said O before getting up to RUN around like crazy for two hours! My friend confirmed she totally read it. Or at least is familiar with those books, I admitted. But STILL!

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