Friday, May 16, 2008


So what was my big Mother's Day present?


Yeah, TF had a fever Sunday (starting all night-- what a gift, eh?) so I got to stay home and tend to her. Monday and Tuesday, too. We figured chicken pox, as her lil friend had it start and she was exposed at the right time, but by Tuesday afternoon with fever and no spots, I decided it was time to take her to the doc, who announced it was an infection and she needed antibiotics (that would turn her poo red, no less!). Before we could fill the script, her fever broke and she was back to normal in terms of playing, sleeping (transferring, too). Wednesday I discovered she was still out of sorts and tired, and the rash started. Finally I figured it out, after a night of superstress and walking her and watching her sleep. My expert Mommy friend confirmed it and then I FINALLY learned two neighbors' kids also had it recently! So there you go. I was turning into a nonstop jabbering wreck worrying about her and trying to get us back into balance, but once we knew what it was, I began to dial it back a bit. Well, after I processed it for a lil bit.

So that's the planet I've been living on the past week. And I have one thing to say: UGH! Very little showering, less hair washing (I am detoxing my hair from overwashing, moving towards no-poo or at least a more balance routine), zero exercise , lots of eating whatever random food I can grab with one hand, with little regard for balance... it's like having a newborn again in a way. But she sleeps less peacefully! Yesterday when TF was crying at the park for Signing Time (what she's been doing when she's just wiped and feeling icky) I decided that was it, we would stay in our stagnant state and eat cereal and watch PBS all day. We are just trying to wait this out, and only AFTER I see she is 100% will we attempt to get back to our routine.

Altho the lack of routine or exercise or industrious activity is dragging me down. But everytime I break the rule I get smacked back down (three scrubbed red potatoes out of the half dozen I needed were sacrificed last night in an aborted attempt to use up the extra slowcooker chicken broth in a new Italian soup). Gotta be patient.

If only typing didn't wake the restless babe! I can stop and come back to the blog, but I wish wish wish I could work on my novel more consistently. That would be an activity I could do while she naps/nurses. I might try a system where I bounce between writing and researching, see if I can get a rhythm with her sleep cycles going....

It's almost the weekend! Mama bear wants some rest.


slaloms said...

Oh no! We were wondering why we hadn't seen you at playgroup the last two weeks. Glad to hear she's finally getting better. Hope things are back to normal soon!

Leanne said...

Thanks! She is still really wonky-- two long naps today and just confuzzled cranky in between! I think she's teething some canines too, perhaps. And she's starting to really walk around on her own suddenly!

I've enjoyed your pics/blog while quarantined here at home! Bailey is so gorgeous!

Brynn's Mama said...

Oh, I feel you! Brynn got hand-food-mouth on Mother's Day too! She was sick Monday and Tuesday, and then developed SPOTS on Thursday. I was convinced it was chicken pox as well! She's doing much better today, so we don't have to worry about cancelling or changing our trip to Oregon, thank goodness! It's hard to get back into your normal routine after these things, so I always just kind of throw in the towel and go with the flow. :)