Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why Lansinoh is Heaven-Sent

Let your pregnant/nursing friends know: watch out what they use for nipple soreness.

I personally only used Lansinoh (for the first few days I had some soreness and blistering-- I guess that's a testimony to how well it works b/c I was FINE after a very small bit of soreness--one tube wasn't too pricey and used a minuscule percent of it!). It's very very very careful about the sources of its product, ensuring it is utterly pure. That way you really don't have to worry (while caring for a newborn!) about removing it (what does that mean? scrubbing sore nipples with soap??? That would dry them out and, oh yeah, hurt!) before nursing. It's the only product recommended by La Leche League because of this true promise of purity. I have some stuff from Earth Mama Angel Baby that I would use if I wanted something different and was in a situation where I could be sure to clean it all off, but that company is very careful about using only basic natural ingredients. I can't imagine putting long chemical sounding (probably derived from petrolium--what isn't?) stuff on my baby's food source! So I hope people see this warning (hey, if the FDA is concerned, it must be REALLY bad!) and stick with the stuff that won't risk their tiny new babies.

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