Sunday, June 1, 2008

Booking Along

So I have made a lot of progress, at least in getting back into the world of my novels. I haven't reviewed much of the information I have on my computer (as in, my two started drafts and tons of typed notes), but my notebook and I have gotten reacquainted and very friendly, mostly as TF runs around up and down the path outside, or while she plays with Daddy on the floor. I found my ultimate ending to the third book, which is exciting and scary. That's most of what I have in book three, too, so I still have a ways to go, building backwards for the benefit of book two, and then back into book one. I finally got some concrete ideas for expanding book one down, which is lovely, as I had an abundance of ideas for book two, which was making book one look more anemic than ever.

I am still terrified that my writing is plodding and my dialog is atrocious.

I am still going.

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Leslie said...

Well...bird by bird! And I doubt your writing has become plodding all of a sudden.