Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In Which Our Heroine Attempts to Pack a Week's Worth of Clothes into a Thimble

Figuratively. As in, I need to catch up on the blog, squeeze all the happenings into this post.

And as in, packing for TF and Mommy's trip to ye olde hometowne. So far I have a huge pile of clothes on the guest bed.

Nah, I'm a bit organized for the trip. I've learned by now it's the one way to get things done w/o running around like MAD, being late, and simply not getting things done... altho we do plenty of that around here, too.

Anyway, what have we been up to this month?

Ok, now I'm typing one-handedly...

We took TF to the Wild Animal Park-- a lovely drive on the backroads there, many hilarious (to TF) birds, and some very neat creatures... hogs (and baby hogs!), tiny deer, monkeys swinging (and baby nursing!), giraffes, lions, rhinos, etc etc. All good fun. Pics up soon!

Dashing Daddy is job hunting again... and working more than ever on starting his own company. Can't blame him! He's too smart and too hardworking to put up with the clowns in charge at most places. It's one thing to be in your own classroom and only have to deal with the folks in admin occassionally; it's got to be another to have your job revolve around their clowniness....

TF can read. Yeah. She was telling me the sounds of the letters on the carpet at the library (first she did "wwwah" for the HUGE W and I thought it was cute that she could tell it was a letter, as she does that reading bit only for real lettering... but she says wwah for ALL letters, lol... but then she said OOOO for the O, and B for the B.... and I promptly felt very afraid! LOL). So we printed some words in very large letters in bright red on some cut up posterboard, so she could see the words, as we were told this was easiest for lil kids (and we could see if she knew them w/o illustrations) and BAM, a week later she's reading six words or so.... ball, bird, book, cat, dog, car.... I know I'm the Mommy and probably sound insufferably snotty, but it's pretty stunning. I am so proud of my girl! Not even 14 months old yet! We just read the words to her at first, but on Sunday, father's day, we asked her about them and she read! I'll try to get it on camera, b/c dang, it's adorable. Next week we read Vanity Fair together... lol. But I am looking forward to sharing so many great books with her, when she's much older. For now, it was something that she was clearly very interested in, and finds fun.

She's also doing new cute things... she loves things that are upside down.... she loves making the sign for owl (but on her mouth, extra cute) and a lil hoo hoo sound... she's figured out it's hilarious to pretend to give something to mommy, the to daddy, over and over again-- teaser! or just run away screaming with laughter. She loves music... her obsession is to say more more more more more more... until you sing the right song... certain books mean certain songs... like the busy hand book = itsy bitsy spider, the moo ba lalala book = old mcdonald, and of course the ABC book... or she'll see ABC anywhere and go "BBB!" And she'll go lalala for the lalala lemon song... she loooooves barenaked ladies' kids music.'

ok my one hand is tired now! as you can tell. more from the road soon I hope! we are getting to see one of my oldest friends marry another friend from junior high! Super excited about that. And just being with my family and old haunts. We are very sad for daddy tho. So there will lots of pic we hope!


slaloms said...

Sophie is awesome! That's so amazing that she's reading! So cool!

Have fun on your trip! Hopefully we get to see you soon.

Oh and I'm emailing you a little invite...hopefully you're back by then.

Brynn's Mama said...

So I think you need to go on Good Morning America now, right!?!? Seriously, that is just amazing. I thought Brynn was a genius for reading at 24 months (well, I still think she's a genius ;) ) but Sophie is ...well, I can't even come up with an adequate word! That's just remarkable and awesome. :)