Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shaping Up

Here's someone else's pic of the same toy:

I went out and bought TF a shape sorter a few weeks ago, and b/c my good friend highly recommended it, I got the Melissa and Doug one from our local toy shop, even tho I kind of avoid that brand for various reasons (I also got the dollhouse, too, tho! Too sweet! A neighbor had given Sophie an old house and it was built for all these oddly shaped dolls we didn't have (and I don't want her playing with the actual "Little People" b/c of the pthalates in the soft plastic), so I just got her a new one since she loved playing with the house). Anyway, the next day I read online how all these people hated the toy b/c of the top falling off and the shapes being confusing and all this stuff... whatever, Sophie loved putting the blocks in and taking them out (of the big opened top). Good container play fun, right?

Well, tonight she suddenly got it! I showed her the star block and star hole earlier today, so maybe something clicked... she got that one in, and then a bunch of others. She would get really frustrated and toss the block and swing her hands around and hit the block on her head... yikes! But soon she figured out just to give the block to mommy and I'd do it, so she got to see it go in, and then she'd try it again. She did it a bunch and it was so cute when she went, "Ididit!" like she does (normally she says this when just placing the block on any old hole, or a puzzle piece on any gap on the puzzle board-- really funny. And it was really funny she she made me do a block and then said "yooodidit!"). I'm glad for her b/c I am terrible terrible terrible at spatial stuff so maybe she'll fare better! Anyway, Dashing Daddy and I had a lot of fun playing with her and then reading a baby faces book ten times, lol. She totally remembers what each book is about, and makes the faces of each baby (happy, sad, surprised, laughing--throwing her head way back like I taught her by overacting, typically, lol).

She still loves to say "noooo" and "no no no no" and "red" for almost any question these days. Reading letters, if she starts it she still goes P P P but if I ask, today it all says W W W (I AM reading Women Who Run With the Wolves and she likes reading the What in Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, so it's been coming up).

She's kinda scary sometimes. But sooo much fun to chase around the living room giving kisses! She gave Daddy a hug and a kiss tonight when I prompted her! Awww!


Leslie said...

You're not that bad at spatial never got lost...well...not for long...well... you knew how to ask for help! So you have good problem solving skills and that counts for something!

Trevor said...

haha, mom just burned you!