Sunday, July 20, 2008


Okay, I finally have searched deep into my soul, consulted the wise philosophers of life's dark and light times, and I have found the upside of being terribly, horribly, PAINFULLY sick for a full week (as in, sick in bed in so much pain I could barely stand just to lay there, let alone swallow, let alone sip water... it was like Satan was kicking me in the ear, through my jawbone, and into my throat. The left side of my head and cheek were throbbing all Wednesday night! But, er, on to the bright side, as I said... I'm OVER all that... no more whining!)... the evil cold (ha! "cold") from Hell with its sore throat pushed me over a few more pounds to a new milestone:

Since a week or so into January (so not quite 6 months), I have lost 35 lbs.

Whoohoo!!! I am almost back down to pre-baby weight. Probably I am if you only count this baby and not the immediately preceding pregnancy/miscarriage/ice cream and chocolate and movies in bed for two weeks. I still am going to keep going until I hit a really healthy weight or it's time to get pregnant again, but I'm starting to feel really good about getting to a good starting weight before that time comes! Yay!

TF has just spent a huge chunk of time sitting in her chair eating peas, delightedly signing and saying "peas" every time I walk by. And asking for more five times or so!

The house is slowing crawling back to semi-clean after all the sickness. I figure we'll get it back to tolerable, and then the next time we clean everything we can go deeper, instead of killing myself now when I'm not 100% quite yet.

She has also been demanding to see pictures of her godfather, il Trebor! I printed up a bunch of pics to put in a book for her, of lots of loved ones, but having that big mug flashing across the big computer screen is all that will satisfy her sometimes. She also loves to list some of the people she loves: T! (her uncle), "Meysh" (her aunt), and "baddan!" (her other uncle). She woke up saying T one day a couple weeks ago, and went on to list all three, and ever since then it's fun little game. She loves to see pictures of all those wild and crazy family members, too. She also can recognize her Papa and Nonna in pics, of course, and Bimi.

She very sweetly gave many kisses to Grandpa on Friday. We were celebrating Dashing Daddy's belated Independence Day (it was the last of his two weeks' notice). I hung a banner made of manila folders and paper clips, with label dots for a festive touch, to celebrate his starting his own business.

Um... I need to get pics up, but I need to get cameras charged.

What else is new... the girl can read Mommy now, too. And eyes and toes, somewhat consistently. And she started reading letters on store signs while we were out last night... L! T! (Linens N Things had a great sale on tubs for cramming baby clothes into...). She walks over to where we keep the big print words and tries to get them, and demands, "reeead?" She loves counting to two as well. And she's just about got her colors down... green is still tricky and the Rubic's cube doesn't offer any purple practice, altho she loves to say black and brown, too. I like how she does white like she's wiping across her body and forehead, very enthusiastically. She really loves when we read her new Barefoot Books, so thanks MPK! She is OBSESSED with the photo picture book I got her for the car and says "kick, jump, stretch, HUUUUUG, sad" and etc nonstop all day... two of her new favorite words are Bow (because when Mommy bows it's hilarious, apparently) and Crocodile (of the Lyle, Lyle variety).

We're setting off on a whole new family routine, of Dashing Daddy at home in the upstairs office we put together for him, on my (former) laptop. I'm fussing about trying to turn this computer into a noveling station for myself. I set up my ancient awful webcam but still need to find the mike for Sykpe (please, Bad Dan, find me a webcam for my PC!). I hung up the silver magnetic board from Ikea and now I think it just makes the big living room wall look messy. Too busy. Too much. And I think I had convinced myself it was dry erase and now I'm bummed it's not. Blah. But it'll be interesting to see how things go in this new season of life together!

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Leslie said...

Whoohoo indeed...although you probably don't want to do that again!!