Saturday, July 26, 2008


So we went to the Con yesterday... and it was SO much fun!

We took the trolley over from Qualcom and it wasn't too crowded yet when we got there. We got our badges and scoped out the upstairs a bit, preparing for when we came back up for the programming we were hoping to catch, and then hit the floor. We were lucky to start on the end that was way less crowded, with lots of comic book vendors and the publishing house booths. I finally scored a replacement for my To Say Nothing of the Dog at Mysterious Galaxy books, and got a free book from Dell Ray. Not bad!

We split up because it was going to be too crazy to keep together and meander. Good thing, because the kid wanted to take a break almost immediately. A father with probably a ten year old daughter stopped by to say what a great tradition we were starting by bringing SS, and that he had been bringing his for four years. Then we launched back into the fray. SS loved looking at all the pictures and people... especially the picture of Kung Fu Panda. The rest of the day she kept asking for "Panda? PANDDA?" But she also dug the giant inflated Pikachu (sp?) because it looked like it was sticking out its tongue, and the giant inflated Nickelodeon ball, and the cool funky lights of the SciFi channel booth. That end of the hall was a complete crush, though. People were all lined up around a lot of the booths, but there was no way to tell for what, and it was so crowded you could barely move, or you couldn't stop moving if you were in a stream of people going one way. We soon returned to the joys of seeing stuffed monkeys over at the other end of the hall.

Before too long we met back up with Dashing Daddy and Grandpa, and grabbed some early lunch, thinking (rightly) that we wouldn't have a chance to eat anything later. Then I dashed off to the Connie Willis talk. I caught the end of the preceding talk about comic book author/illustrators, and it was interesting. Then I grabbed a front seat for Connie. She was funny, inspiring, articulate, and wonderful. I left the talk reluctantly, as she said she would probably sign in the hall right then... but good thing I did, as when I called Dashing Daddy he told me he, the kid, Grandpa, and our friends Ethan and Meredith were about to get into Ballroom 20 for the Joss Whedon panel. I then felt like I was in a Connie Willis book... specific, Passage, where the main character can't get through the hallways of the hospital. I was turned back by events staff and turned around by the confusing hallways, and crushed among all the attendees. Finally I made it over to the Ballroom and DD (with the kid asleep on his back) had a reentry ticket he was going to pass to me... but the woman in charge was a bit distracted by someone else while we were trying to pass the sleeping baby to me, and I just grabbed my hubby and dragged him in with me. We all got to go in! So I got a quick hug from Ethan and Meredith and then out cam Joss, Nathan Fillon, Neil Patrick Harris, and the rest of the Dr. Horrible crew. They were wonderful and funny. NPH and Fillon opened with a bit where Capt Hammer pulled out Dr. H's chair from under him... and at the end, they did it reversed. The word is there will hopefully be more Dr. H coming out, and generally more of this form of media creation/distribution (without those studio folks who keep cancelling Joss' great shows!).

We stayed for the American Dad panel (with many of our favorite actors) and the Family guy panel (with Seth Green!) and we got to see some episodes. Then DD and Grandpa went off for more work stuff and I stayed for most of the Bones panel. We got to see a huge chunk of a new episode and then many cast members came out to talk. I ran off with a sleeping baby (she had been up for most of the time in there, as we moved closer and closer to the front each panel, but she woke up again when we left) to get to the signing with Connie. After all I went through to get a book for her to sign, they were giving away copies of Passage that she was signing. After that, I could not believe I had managed to do EVERY thing I wanted to do. Wow! I was elated when we we inside the ballroom, but by 6pm I was flush with pop culture contentment. We hung around while the boys finished up with work stuff and then decided to get dinner in the Gaslamp while the line for the trolley calmed down. We ate at Aqua 2 and who should show up but Ethan and Meredith? So we got to chat with Ethan a bit more while he was waiting to order at his table with his Hollywood pals, and Sophie got to see Meredith (as she was awake) and a great meal. And we sat on the patio so we had a great view of all the funky folk walking from the Con to the parking lots. As we walked back up to the trolley a huge flock of nerds on bikes came charging through the Gaslamp, hollering and whooping, and we all cheered for them. We got on the trolley and made our way back to the car (with the kid in silly form, asking to be tickled the whole ride). She nursed and conked pretty soon into the drive home. I admit I dozed a bit myself. Soon after coming home we adults also conked; it was a long, full day. But we agreed it was insanely fun and we had a great time!


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Cameron said...

What a Super Heroes (Mom, DD, Grandpa, SS) day!!
And American Dad!("Quivecs"? That's not a word."
"It is on my planet!")
And Bones! ("Where did you find her?"
"In the museum.")

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Super cool!