Sunday, July 20, 2008

Damn, you, Comic Con!

So we're going to Comic Con this year, finally... and I can't believe that both Connie Willis and Joss Whedon are going to be doing their things on the day we are happening to go... one right after another, NOT in the same room.


I am SO tempted to try to get into the Whedon show, because it would have the cast of Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, plus info on all things Whedon... BUT I have to figure that there will be other chances to see Joss in San Diego, whereas Connie Willis is a special treat. And a super favorite author of mine. To Say Nothing of the Dog is the perfect book. (For the record, so are American Gods, The Bean Trees, The Beekeeper's Apprentice... there are many perfect books but not SO many that I can say "forget seeing Connie Willis!"). I figure it'll be way easier to get in to see Willis, too, whereas the other event will be crazy, too crazy for a CC newb. With a baby on her back.

If only they were at least a few hours apart, I could hope. As it is, I'll probably line up as early as I need to to see Willis, then when that's done (she's probably not doing autographs as there's an event the night before for that... but I will bring my book anyway... oh right, il Trebor lost it! LOL, well, Doomsday Book maybe) and then head over to the other thing and see if I can peak in or something... yeah right!

There's also a Seth McFarlane/Seth Green thing in the same room after that, so MAN I want to do that... but I gotta go with the novelist. Otherwise, Dashing Daddy is going for work research, so it should just be fun open time to wander around and see lots of crazy stuff! We're also looking forward to meeting up with a certain movie-making friend of Dashing Daddy's (hey, EW, any way you can get me into Ballroom 20 at will? Any magic powers?). Should be fun!


Leslie said...

Work research=tax deduction...somehow I imagine he knows that...but save receipts, gas mileage!

David said... - Info about Signing Times - no not that kind...