Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day

Independence Day was technically Friday, but for our family it's still going... Dashing Daddy is officially quitting tomorrow! He is already coding away at his new endeavor (top secret, sorry!) and will be done with his final two weeks in, erm, two weeks, and will then be free of his job (I just deleted my comments on this... let's just say "his job" and you can imagine all the adjectives and modifying clauses I COULD type up about it). I am so happy and excited for him. He's putting me to work soon, too, so I get to be useful. It's rather funny as he sits at the computer doing market research on his project, and I sit on the couch across the room researching myths and things and brainstorming ideas for MY project (my books, which are coming along a great deal recently, thank you!), and our toddler runs around playing like mad on the carpet between us. Lights down on this Happy Domestic Family, as the keyboard, popper toy, and scribbling noises fade. And... SCENE.

The baby had a fabulous time at the fair last night, laughing heartily at the idiots who climbed into a giant ball and bounced through the air for our amusement. She was mesmerized by the man playing the Chad Stick or whatever the instrument is called, and she loved the animals (Moo! Baa! Goat! Bunny! Gobble gobble! Boc boc boc!) and the lights and kiddie rides (watching them-- we decided she was too little for rides yet). She happily cavorted with her grandparents and Auntie Em. And Dashing Daddy and Grandpa even did some research on the new business's field, so it's all a tax write off! Even the delicious, evil fried food and cinnamon rolls!

I really meant to write a post about our trip to the hometown, which was awesome, but it will have to wait until I get all the pics on the computer (and until I am writing on the computer with all the pics... the network is just too slow for this mama. But the Sweet Granddaughter did indeed have a fun time really falling in love with her mama's family and playing with the daycare kids and running amok in all kind of new places.

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What a lovely scene. :)