Monday, July 14, 2008

Keeping Homebirth as an Option

Well, Dashing Daddy has ONE more week working for the Man, before cutting loose and working for himself (developing his own website--just as Thomas Jefferson imagined the individual self-supporting American!). And we're going to set up some COBRA for insurance but if things take off, we'll have to leap into individual insurance-- not a pretty world, I gather. There's only one doctor (a certain "Dr. Wonderful" as he's known on the interwebz) I care to have during the next several (childbearing) years, so as long as I can see him and go to the hospital around the corner (makes it easy to show up in transition), I'm good. Insurance is otherwise to keep up from losing our home if we get hit by a bus, IMO. But if it turns out that it would actually be cheaper to do so, we could end up even doing homebirths down the line.

Which is why articles (well, not the articles but the facts in them) tick me off.

Big Medicine's blowback on homebirths

Also, a lot of women do not have access to Dr. Wonderfuls or baby friendly hospitals. Heck, home birth is still illegal in some states!!! With doctors ignoring science, pushing drugs that are not approved for birth, pushing inductions and sections to time births better for their holidays and TV watching... we need to have the options of opting out. I'm lucky in that my state allows homebirth (altho there has been gross mistreatment of midwives right here in Cali) and there are LOTS of choices of midwives in my area. It's nice to know that if I so choose, I have that option. Although, for me, it's hard to turn away from what worked so well last time. I did detest being in the hospital afterwards, tho.

Anyway, here's another good article outlining just some of the shocking details about maternal mortality (on the rise in the US-- we have one of the highest rates of maternal and infant mortality of any "first world" or even moderately developed country-- hmmm!!!!!!): Revealing the Real Risks: Obstetrical Interventions and Maternal Mortality

It's the science, stupid: the facts don't lie. Interventions lead to increased deaths of mamas and babies. Who wouldn't want to be able to opt out?


Brynn's Mama said...

I've been thinking a lot about this recently as we are (shh!) TTC right now! After having had a freakish ending to 30 hours of labor and delivering via c-section, the idea of homebirth is a teensy bit scary for me. OTOH, I know too well how quickly things can go from fine to intervention at a hospital, which is our only choice here. I'm reading "Ourselves as Mothers" right now, which talks *a lot* about the culture of childbirth in various areas across the world, and while we probably don't have it the absolute worst here in the good old U S of A, it is shocking to me how much bad medicine is still going on in this realm. It's sad...and I wish we had better choices as a whole, and especially here in the midwest where midwifery (it seems) is still equated with witchcraft!

Leanne said...

First of all *whisper* good luck!!! /whisper

And yes, I think so much depends upon each individual woman's experiences with childbirth. And that's why we need real options, for excellent care for women who do need hospitals and surgeons, and those who just need that emergency backup care of a midwife. I bet a lot of the care in hospitals gets diluted the way things are, maybe?

We have a lot to be grateful for, but yeah, it shocking how little evidence-based care actually gets practiced!