Tuesday, July 8, 2008

San Diego is jumping on the Greenwagon...and tangental ramblings

San Diego Goes Green

But I feel that we could do a really good job making big-impact changes here. We have the surfer/funky/crunchy culture going on, we made a big deal in the industries that we set out to grow here... it seems very possible and a good fit. Now if we could just get over the whole bankrupt/corrupt thing we've been rocking the last few years....

I'm very proud that a local group of Greenpeace is operating in North County and trying to have an effect on the current campaign, to let the possible local and national officeholders know they need to respond to the green demands of their constituents. And Encinitas itself is moving closer and closer to banning plastic bags (thanks in great part to the Surfrider association), which would be AWESOME. I forget my cloth bag occasionally (or forget to speak up the five times it takes to get checkers to avoid giving me a plastic bag, when I DO have a bag on hand), but MAN we've cut down on the number of plastic bags coming into our house. It's probably been like five bags (from any store-- grocery, Target, clothes shopping, etc.) in the past two or three months.

I feel especially good about this after seeing the pictures of masses and masses of plastic bags (headed for recycling at least) in the new Green Guide put out by National Geographic. Whew! Plastic is forever; it doesn't biodegrade, and it uses oil! The Green Guide, by the way, really impressed me, as a mainstream publication that actually seems to be of the mindset that making environmental and healthy choices might mean more than agreeing with whatever the FDA currently says and buying more and more products so long as they are somewhat "green." Granted, they do admit (at least they admit it!) that they are focused on consumer products, but overall I found the magazine more focused on things you're likely to buy no matter what, and helping you make the best choice, rather than showing off a bunch of stuff you don't need and telling you to buy buy buy because it's green. I found the magazine useful and not obnoxious and that's rare for environmental info out in the mainstream lately, so I give it my approval. I think people starting from scratch when it comes to going green would find it accessible and very informative!

Well this veered here and there, didn't it? Anyway, the lovebug has yet to nap today, so I am just trying to get her down for the night soon soon soon here, I hope! Poor thing!

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