Thursday, July 3, 2008

So whaddaya say NOW, FDA?

In the article in my last post, the FDA claimed no good studies proved food dyes affect children adversely.

Well... "Food Additives and Hyperactive Behavior" in the Lancet this month would seem to add to the studies (that aren't good enough for the FDA, or the food industry lobbyists rather) that show us the harmful effects of these artificial food dyes.

Get this stuff OUT of our food! We're talking about kids here.

I'm flummoxed by realizing how much in the mainstream grocery store is not food (and I'm not talking about the packaging or the laundry aisle, either). I'm love how Michael Pollan puts it so simply (and this is our rule already): "Eat food." *hysterical laughter* Wait, DON'T eat petroleum and known carcinogens and hormone disruptors???

I feel so sorry for the kids made to feel bad in school and put on drugs to cure what could simply be a diet thing.

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Brynn's Mama said...

Grrr - tell me about it!! Not to offend anyone, but I have always thought that ADHD is more a consequence of lifestyle choices than a "disorder." Poor kids is right.