Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Already!

Not great at aiming at ourselves

Whew, at least I don't have to get all bummed out about going back to work on the 18th (!!!) of August like I did when I was teaching. That's too early, man. What happened to Labor Day and then school? Well, we do get a whole week for Thanksgiving, which ROCKS.

And wow, Dashing Daddy taking over "my" laptop for his new business (see: Collector's Neighborhood !!! WOW!! Don't you want to tell your friends and visit it every day and click through and leave comments and get ready for the forums and awesome tools and etc etc etc??? Yeah, I know you do!) ahem, anyway... that has sure impeded my ability to update this blog. I once again have to think of all the things I'd love to post, and then forget them all as the days pass. I will try to give an update on the wonderful girl here, in Cliff's Notes form.

She has been pretty cranky and "fragile" the past two days, although up until then I'd say (and I did, I did say to a few of you!) that she was wonderfully fun and curious and crazy and calm.... I know she is teething up a storm. One new tooth appeared last week and I know the second is coming, which will bring it to eight when it shows.

Crazy face!

She pretty much knows the alphabet. She demands that we sing the ABCs while pointing to each letter and loves her purple electronic book thingy that her (second? once-removed?) cousins Adam and Noah handed down to her. She especially has a fondness for "dough duh doo" (W) and "OOOOO". But really she's mad for letters. I've said it before: she's a tad scary. There were two copies of the alphabet carved into the sides of the tower at the top of the slide on Wednesday, and she insisted on stopping awhile to read them both, darting back and forth between them. Pretty cute. She also can read several more words but we don't spend too much time on that. We are on to reading longer story books now; she is still madly in love with "Saaaahm"/"Blah"/"Greeeeeeeeen" (Green Eggs and Ham) and now also Where the Wild Things Are and a bunch of others.

Hee hee, I have been away from this post for a couple hours, because she dragged me away to read Hippos Go Berserk ("Bazerk? Bazerk!") and then My Granny Went to Market like five times. Did you know there is a panda on page four? And a WATERMELON on page two!!! It was very exciting the third time through when we started such discoveries.

Sophie in the sun!

Moon face

I really enjoy that Sophie and I can have little conversations. Tonight as I was nursing her down, she started chatting in that "I'm processing the day and closing things out and want to snuggle a few more minutes" kind of way, and she started talking about DaDa, and I reminded her he was out with his friends, and she asked about babies (because we go in the car and there are other babies there, at playgroup etc, so she has been saying this nonstop when we get ready to go places) and I said, no, no babies. Daddy's friends. And she said and signed girls? And I said, no, boys. And laughed to myself that he better not be hanging out with any girls (besides other wives of the softball players on this team, and possibly his sister!)

And we have little conversations like that all the time now. I'll say, let's get ready to go to the park and she'll say car, babies, swing! Or I'll say, maybe we'll go to the bookstore, and she'll say, Miles! (her little baby friend we often run into there) and then Choo choo! (the train table at B&N!).

Just relaxing

Today we went swimming at our playgroup mama friend JL's pool and at first Sophie was very anti-pool (it's just a giant bathtub, Mama. You seriously expect me to go for this? She HATES baths right now!) but gradually she got comfortable with it and by the end she was laughing and SO excited to be totally swimming with Mama. (It was our second time swimming and it's been a while.) But it's nice that she can communicate with me, so I can ask if she wants to try out the pool and she can say splash if she wants to just stick her hand in, and no and all done if she wants to stay out or get out. She's also REALLY good about asking for help! help! with the sign when she gets stuck with a toy or can't reach it or something.

She's not been very excited about sitting and eating like she was a week ago, but is content to sit on my lap and pick up pieces of whatever I'm eating, so I have spent a lot of today sitting at the computer and eating token frozen peas and corn, and holding her in my lap while I eat a burrito and she eats the beans. She eats pretty darn well out and about at the park, though. Wednesday she ate a ton at playgroup!

Sunny disposition

Ah what else, what else.... she loves to tickle tickle. She's REALLY into giving kisses, so get ready for that if you come near her! She is also great about giving a kiss if she is rough with someone/something (sometimes a preemptive kiss before throwing a doll on the floor, lol. But what can you expect a kid to learn with the government setting that example these days?) She has been saying sorry a LOT mostly when she is startled, I think b/c I say it when I startle her. She'll figure out the use eventually, but for now it is sweetly pathetic. "It's okay, baby, you don't have to say sorry!" Aw!

She knows her colors pretty much. She was in love with orange for a few days but today it was green! all day long. I think because she was finally figuring those two out. Now she is also obsessed with circles, and points to everything and says circle and waits for me to say yes or no. She has known triangle for ages and ages so we'll see if she gets circle soon or later.

She loves counting and will go get her other counting books one after another if you read one of them. She recognizes the numerals for one and sometimes two and five and six and maybe ten. She loves to say six! I think because she thought we were saying sick/s, which she remembers from The Foot Book and mama's dreadful week of disgusting sickness. She totally digs having Mama hold her finger and help her count all the animals in her counting safari book.

She also loves to tell me that she pooped and have me lay her across my lap and check and say, "There's NO poop in this diaper!" I don't know if she loves the cuddles or the sly joke!

Sassy Sophie

We are gradually moving bedtime a bit earlier by trying to get naptime earlier. It's working pretty well already. Dashing Daddy and I even got to watch a bit of recorded TV and a few netflix movies this week!

I am off to do the dishes before I have to move my laundry and start another load. Yeah, it's ten PM, what? We have some lovely downtime this Friday/weekend, then we parents and also spouses will celebrate our sixth (six! sicks!) wedding anniversary (ten years together this October!) and even go out to dinner sans Sophie (for the very first time ever ever ever away from her together!), and then the train of house guests start (YAY! I am so looking forward to everyone getting time with the awesome kid and her getting to give you all kisses... she LOVES looking at all our pictures and naming you all!). It'll be nonstop but fun for the rest of the month, and even a bit beyond!

MMMM kissing a picture

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We're ready for tickles, kisses, books and all! (Cousins once removed! D's cousins+one generational jump.)