Sunday, August 24, 2008

Many Loves

Family at the beach

We have just sent off our last house guest, Sophie's beloved Auntie M, whose visit immediately followed Nonna and Papa's. There are a million pictures up on Flickr (seriously, Nonna's pics are way back on page 9 or 10 already, and there are many gorgeous ones taken on M's great camera) featuring some fun adventures and our silly girl. Sophie keeps saying Nonna, Papa, Melissa.... altho she understands they went home. She'll then say bye-bye.

The family funny faces

Playing music

Beach day

Through the chimes


Mama and Sophie at Moonlight Beach

Goofing off with Melissa

We took our family along to play groups at the park, walks on the beach, and explorations out our front door. We also got some serious organization and errand running done. Thanks again, Mommy, for not letting me get crushed under the falling garage shelves. And for buying me new shelves.

But now all my teacher stuff is out of my living room at long last! And thanks M for helping me get the supplies for S's new toy shelves. I'll have to take pics of the amazingly clean house and garage I suppose....


Sophie has been on hyperdrive for over a week, tho, playing hard with her many loves. Hopefully she can have some calm time in the next week or two before we head up north . It'll be our first looooong driving trip so I'm hoping for the best!


Well, we continue to be impressed with Sophie's accomplishments. I get to brag here, I guess, to those adoring grandparents and aunties and cousins and etc reading, so here goes...


Sophie knows her colors. She can say the name of a color if you ask her what color something is, and she can find "the green one" for instance. She knows red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, and brown, altho black and brown we don't hear about too much I'd say.

Mermaid Sophie

She knows the numerals 1 through 10. She can't count to ten, but if you read the counting books and point to the numeral, she can tell you what it is. Today I held up fingers and she could tell me 1 through 7 that way. Her favorite number is still 6! She keeps pretending to count (pointing at a bunch of things in her counting book or buttons on my capris or whatever, and saying Twos twos mumble mumble twos...), and loves it when I hold her finger to point at each item and say the numbers as we count.


She knows pretty much the whole alphabet. She's been calling X K but I'm not sure if she's just saying it backwards (like she still says diaper pa-duh).

Off to school

She can read probably about 30 words, and we really should add more to her little word collection. Whenever we add a word she really loves, she learns it in about two tries and then can tell you what it is whenever she sees it again. Yesterday she read the word "Nonna" in the Mangia Mangia book we were reading. I asked her what it was, and she had not paid any attention to that (last) page before (she was always ready to go get another Boyton book. ((And now she can read whatever, if I write the words for her, a small as on my shopping list. I made her her own little list today at the store with cat, dog, moon, Nonna, Sophie on it. And a picture of surprised eyes, which is her favorite joke right now.))

Got my backpack!

And just now she brought her Scuola book to me that we haven't read in a week or more and said "la la la" in an asking tone, because she likes the page where the little mice are singing with their jaws all dropped.

And today at dinner David asked her out of the blue what we did yesterday (she was getting antsy and we wanted to finish eating before cleaning the copious amounts of pasta off of her) and she immediately said "Ocean, waves" and made a little gesture indicating waves washing around. I was still trying to remember what was yesterday as she did this! We kinda looked at each other, then shrugged. We have to stop being surprised I guess!

Silly girl

She also knows some shapes. She LOVES circles right now. She knows triangles. We're starting to say the names for all the other shapes in her shape sorter, and she totally calls the trapezoid "trap" now, and has enjoyed making stabs at octagon and pentagon and the like. Of course she knows star and moon and heart already. And she will point to the train tracks set up in a long ring and say oval, and she also can ID the diamond in her shape sorter.


She drew with chalk for the first time, and it was so cute as she declared all her work moon and circle. She also drew a T and looked at it, then sort of exclaimed, T! Surprise! Later we said, draw another T and she made two strokes, altho they were not put together as a T. It was cute as she accidentally made her T and discovered it. She kept asking for "moon" and "circle" and "draw" and her little neighbor friend's mom so nicely let us keep one chalk for her to use again right away.


She says on her own probably going on 300 words at this point, as she's always adding more.

Sliding with Madeleine!

Whew! So what else is she up to? She's very good about saying please and thank you, and giving kisses (or asking for them!) if she goes "bonk." She says bonk a lot right now! She is back into riding her pony and bike, and she loves the "new" toys we threw into all those new bins (my old toys from childhood-- she loves the Cabbage Patch doll!). She also loves to say "my turn." Frantically.

Talking to Mama

Her new panda bear from Nonna and Papa

She is working on crawling and climbing, and climbed a couple stairs today. We're in trouble!


She had a menu in her hands today at brunch and immediately said "wind! windy!" which Grandma was doing for her (waving the menu at her to make wind) a month ago at my birthday dinner at Buca. We actually went to that same cafe for brunch on my birthday, so maybe that triggered it. It was funny!

Pretty toddler

Lovin on her horse

Shall we drum?

Happy with her basket and bag!

Dum ditty dum

I'm going to go play with her now. Forgive the shameless, shameless bragging. I have to tell the world how impressed I am with my girl! It's my job as her mommy.

Upside down!


Leslie said...

Shameless, shameless bragging forgiven! However, it's just the truth so could be construed as honest reporting...I mean, really, we'll all think we remember wrong 10 years from now given her level of precocious-ness!

Leanne said...

Well, and this is really her baby journal a lot of the time, so I want to get it all down here, every little detail! It's just that these are sort of ridiculous milestones to be noting, b/c yes she is precocious, so it seems like bragging. But I want to record it for her!