Friday, September 26, 2008

Are our beaches safe? Nobody will know...

Arnold line-item vetoed the funding for testing our beaches' water. We had a good summer, but when it's rainy, the water can get full of toxic run-off from lovely things on shore. Is it safe to go surfing? Swimming? Splashing your feet in the surf? Walking along the wet sand? Nobody will know if we don't get funding back. I guess this is one of those things they see as expendable, and I would agree, but the fact that we live all together and no one regulates the pollution means that it becomes more than an individual's thing to know if they want to go in the water. And we pay a lot to live close to the ocean; I don't think it's going to fly to tell people that the beach is just a total luxury. That water's going to go back through the water cycle, too. And through Carlsbad's desalination plant someday... it just seems like the least we can do.

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