Monday, September 29, 2008

Delayed 17mo roundup

So, now that Sophie is sweetly sleeping (her naps are still not sure things! yesterday she was up all day and then conked for the night at 5:30), I can finally jot down a few of things that she's really into right now. This may repeat previous posts, because I'm just going to run through everything that pops into my head!

She loves make-believe. We play "lava!/save me, save me!/Super Sophie" where the sunlight on the carpet is lava, and we run up to it, and then declare, "hot! lava!" and run away. Or a blanket or towel is lava and it is on Mama or some stuffed animals, and we cry, "Save me, save me!" and Sophie comes and pulls it off us. She also now says Save me, save me, whenever she gets stuck somewhere, like she's trying to get across the room where she just has strewn all her toys. She says it sort of to herself, very cute.

She still loves to point and count at things, and has counted to ten, but doesn't do that very often! We busted out They Might Be Giants' Here Come the 123s again and it was very exciting to have all those number songs!

Oh! Songs! Sophie asks for music all day long! Mostly mommy singing. She loves Over in the Meadow and The No Song (thank you, Tom Hunter!) and Just a Girl by No Doubt and the color song from Signing Time, and a dozen other songs from storytimes we've been going to at the Gardens and library... she thinks there can be songs about anything, so she'll ask for one about whatever thing she sees or thinks of, so that's why Just a Girl came up, as she wanted a "girl song" and then there's this terrible penguin song I made up on the fly when she saw the giant stuffed penguin in Jimbo's by the cereal, and then the Star Spangled Banner when she wanted a flag song....

Here's the thing: you can sing a song (or play it on the "pu"--computer) and the second time through she'll be singing along with all of the rhymes or line ending words, and the third time she'll be singing half of the words in the lyrics. We listened to the No Song just last week and after a few times making mama sing it in the car, she was singing the entire song, basically. Some words she leaves out because she's drawing out others, but she's basically singing along with the whole thing. And she can do that with Billy Joel's Goodnight My Angel, too (that was the first book we bought for our kids-- a few years before getting pregnant!). So that's why I can't rewrite the dreadful penguin song-- she's singing it and doing little hand motions with it before I even get to the next word!

She loves to make me "be" her stuffed animals or dolls or even the neck pillow, and then point out and label everything around us, and I have to say "Ohhhh, a chair! ohhhh, a triangle! Ohhhh, the floor!". She still likes to read books over and over again. She loves "summer is summer" --oh yes, she also asks for entire books to be recited (because of course I have them memorized after reading them so much) so we'll also do poetry time in the car, with "Summer summer" as she calls it, and "Secret Seahorse" and etc.-- and Goodnight my angel and Mangia! Mangia! and Angels Watching Over Me and Are You My Mother (good, because SOMEone should like it and Dashing Daddy and I don't! but we get to read it a lot!).

She got a new (to us) play kitchen at the swap meet yesterday, and has been VERY into playing with that nonstop! I'll get pics up soon, but I have to eat lunch now before she needs me... more later!

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