Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall into the Grapes

We went on a lovely family outing yesterday, walking around the Outlets so that Sophie could see the fountains and birds and Mommy could check out the Le Creuset cookware (thank you, Nonna, for the birthday money for it! I am trying hard to actually spend it, lol!)

Of course we had to pop into the baby stores, and we checked out shoes at Stride Rite. There were some low boots there that might be okay for Sophie. I need to get her some real rubber shoes before it starts getting drizzly in a couple months, and we've only ever done Roobeez, so it was time for some research. I found many of the shoes way too thick and hard, so I'm going to check out other options like Robeez Tredz and the like. I found an AWESOME resale shop just around the corner and already got Sophie some new pants and a couple other things for super cheap, and I noticed they had a ton of shoes.... hmm!

We popped into Baby Gap and found a "bookworm" longsleaved tee shirt, and long tees are one of the items we're trying to accumulate, so at outlet prices, we went for it.

Later, it was proven to be a good purchase, when Sophie (running around trying to avoid leaving the fountain wonderland for lunch) walked over to the side store window for the Gap and started saying (and signing) "grapes." Too funny! It took us a second to realize what she was doing, then we just looked at each other. I might have teared up a bit. I remembered later she was paying attention to the words just as much as the pictures in her Fruit book, but we hadn't read it for days and she's been way more into huckleberry than anything else!

Of course this was after Friday when I was walking her up the stairs and she started counting them... "two, three, four, five, six, nine, six, nine...." Again, too funny! She still does the cute thign where she says "twos a twos a twos a" pretending to count, but now she can actually count if you help her focus on each thing, like stepping up each step I guess, or holding up fingers one at a time. She loves it. "Mores? More more more?" She could count to two months ago, and just a few weeks ago started getting to three on her own, and then four on our last trip (counting fans at Carl's Jr.), and then suddenly up to six on her own! But she can get to ten sometimes with the finger thing.

She is SO into feeding her stuffed animals and dolls still. We have half of her spoons out to play with, and cups and plates... We stir stir stir, and then go "numnumnumnumnum" all day long, holding spoons to the raccoons' mouths. She likes to put dolls on the "high chair" (the big stuffed doll house chair so called because the babies can sit in that one) and say "BIIIIIIG!" because they are too big for the chair! And other things like that-- Mama and Dada are too big for the bike, and the box from Costco (she loves our own membership cards, too!)... and the spoons are BIG for the lil dolls.

She has also started wanting to show things to her dolls. She'll have me hold her goblin or panda or baby and start saying, "See! See? Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and then saying what we are looking at, like a book or a toy or the remote control this morning! (She also let me know "foot ball" and "guitars" because we watched the game last night and played Rock Band a few days ago, all on the TV). She loves to "teach" her dolls about whatever she's showing them, including reading them words.

She has been trying SO hard to NOT nap the last weeks. Last week she wouldn't nap, and I had to return some library books and of course at 2:30 she fell asleep in the car. So now I am really going to stick with my rule of either getting in the car by one to go someplace (and having her fall asleep and coming right home!) or being trapped at home until she conks at night-- luckily, she at least has started going down at about 6 or 6:30 instead of staying up nearly as late as normal, which she used to do when she skipped naps! No nap yesterday, but Dashing Daddy and I finally got to watch There Will Be Blood since she conked so early (and fast! teeth, PJs, and 3 minutes of nursing!). Today she only went down because I tried putting her on my back in the mei tai and vaccuuming, and after ten extra minutes of swaying with it over the clean floor, she conked. She used to be too scared to do that anymore, so I'm happy! Except my carpet and rugs are so dreadful and dirty no matter how much I vaccuum, and my vaccuum is getting pretty old and useless. But at least she's napping! I know her lil brain needs it....

That's us right now. Please remember to go through Dashing Daddy's web site (C's N, linkie at the top on the right, yeah, up over there!) if you are going to create an account to buy stuff on ebay or amazon. He gets a cut if you enter those sites through his linkies to them! Tha

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Hippie Housewife said...

What a smart little girl.

We're very happy with our Robeez Tredz.