Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Banned Books Week!

Read a Banned Book!

ALA's Banned Books Week info and more information from the Banned Books Week web site

And here's a happy little article about how Sarah Palin loves to tell you what you can't read. And abuse her (then, thankfully, limited) power to assert her personal agenda. YIKES!

It's chilling that so many people in this country could support someone who acts more like the antagonists of The Handmaid's Tale or Fahrenheit 451... seriously, I am going to start having my Hitler nightmares again if this keeps up. Sarah Palin wants to limit our freedoms, not even for the somewhat accepted reason of ensuring safety, but just to limit what other people can choose to read. Once you start allowing the mayor or whomever in power to choose what is unacceptable (to them) for a public library, or local bookstore (!!!), where does it stop? Is this book unacceptable because it talks about a gay character? How about this one with the backtalk towards God? And this one makes some unpatriotic claims about the US federal government's invovlement in South America, better sweep it off the shelves, too.

(Yeah, Mrs. Dalloway and E M Forster and others, get out of our libraries!)

The point of libraries it not to uphold the America held in the minds of those in power. It is to enable the poor child to read, the working class student to rise up... and to be truly democratic, libraries need to remain uncensored. Especially by those holding the most power! Please, read your Orwell.

The only book I'd really like to see banned is that certain one about becoming baby smart, except it doesn't say smart... I don't want to get search hits from that, tho! I think it's horribly misleading and can damage babies and families. And yet, I doubt it's been banned like, say, Of Mice and Men, Harry Potter, The Bridge to Teribithia, James and the Giant Peach, Where's Waldo, and Captain Underpants. Yeah. (I have, however, picked it up as my "buy one get one free" book at the library book sale and told the clerks exactly why I was buying it-- so I could recycle it, and possibly, just mayyybe, save one parent from picking it up and using it. Yay, capitalism!)

I already happen to be reading The Catcher in the Rye (finally... I have never read it! Just the first page in the summer before high school. So far I'm kind meh about it, although I can see how it'd be stunning back in the 50s.). But that'll be done in a few more hours of reading. I'm going to the library in the next couple of days, and I'll be sure to pick up a banned book to two (along with several more... I need reading material badly!), so I'll be ready for the 27th. I'm thinking Captain Underpants!

Okay, not really. That's just silly. I read that in college. Seriously, for my kid's lit course. Maybe some Joyce instead. I love the judge's famous line about reading Ulysses!

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