Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Are Family


Wow, we've been busy, getting ready for and going on our trip up to the Bay Area. We had a great time with just a few family members and three Dave Matthews Band concerts (Sophie and I attended on LeRoi's birthday... I didn't QUITE cry. Honest.), although the heat wave was unfortunate (no AC in big sis's house).

And Sunday morning, Sophie woke up and looked at Dada, then me, and sort of thought, and then said and signed, "family." Except like this: "faammly." It took us a sec to get it because we never use that sign. So cute! Time for a big family bed cuddle! She kept doing it that morning, and then again at the concert that night, and she would make us all group hug together. We danced together like that a bit to the great music.

And, we saw a raccoon! Sophie has two of my old stuffed animals and LOVES to say raccoon and feed them ("numnumnumnumnum...") so this was very exciting, right there in M's backyard as we dined al fresco (again, it was HOT). And she also loved the squirrels. You can BARELY see the raccoon in this lil pic, but the bigger size on my and Nonna's flickr streams show it better.

We saw a racoon!

Sophie was stupendous in the car. We only stopped ONCE on the way up, for lunch/gas/running around pointing to the smiling star at Carl's Jr. (yeah, and she ate some chicken strips... not a lot of choices in East Jesus Nowhere, huh? I packed great fresh fruit for the drive up, but by the drive down, it was all over.) So we just hung out a little longer than normal on our one stop. On the way back up, she got a bit fussy and mentioned poop, so we pulled right off the freeway, changed her (poopless) dipe, and got back on... and she soon napped (so did Mommy). And we again stopped for lunch etc., and managed to drive on home without further stops. She was happy as a clam in the car for the vast majority of time, as I made her stuffed animals play peekaboo around her carseat and read her books. We also had fun looking for "tunnels" (any overpass counts!) and balloons (thank you, car dealerships!), diamonds (for the carpool lane) and letters (I never thought we'd be playing the alphabet game on car rides so soon!).

Well, we're gradually getting back into our routine here at home. By this weekend we should be set!

Sophie is about to bust out of a bunch of her clothes all of a sudden. It's time to hit garage sales again. I think she's going into 2T shirts, and she definitely needs some new pants (I think she does well in 3T even by now for her big cloth bum) and PJs... altho we might get a few Babyology soakers for PJ bottoms since she's still the Pee Queen. We tried Seventh Generation diapers on the trip (our first time EVER with disposable dipes) and they worked very well, altho she seemed to be getting chaffed around her thighs after a couple days. We might try them at night to see if she sleeps better with them... I think she was just worn out from the drive and short nap, but maybe they magically made her more comfy? I'm willing to do that experiment. Nothing better than curling up with her in bed, but I wouldn't mind less sleepy whinning and unnecessary latching on. It's probably just teething ups and downs.

So I adore Naartjie clothes, and while I am nonplussed by their website, I think I'll hit the mall to see what might be on clearance in her size... we've gotten fabulous scores there before. Costco and Target are our other cheapie standbys, altho the selection is small. Spam me your favorite baby/toddler clothing sources!

Speaking of spamming, I am seriously pondering a play kitchen for the girl for Christmas. I saw Sylvie's Kitchen in the Nova Naturals catalogue that came, and I see online it's actually cheaper than the Julianna's kitchen.... and I love light wood! I then did some searching around just on Amazon, since so many retailors are listing there stuff on there now. I don't really dig the look of the Camden Rose kitchen, and a lot of the bigger brands seem to be particleboard with many plastic fixtures, which I'm not really into for something we'd hopefully have for years and years. So, spam me your favorite play kitchen. I think by 2009 Sophie might be too big for her high chair and ready for a booster, thus making room for a play kitchen near Mama's kitchen! I'll also have to look into what play foods to get. I've heard that knitting playfood is fun and easy, because they knit up so fast... I'm reluctant to get Melissa and Doug (for anything, really) because the paint has worn away on the shape sorter SO quickly. We'll have to see if we can afford any of this by December anyway! Then by her birthday, we'll totally need to re-up on our passes to the zoo and gardens and maybe a few new places.... whew! But we just totally had the realization that this year, Sophie is totally going to "get" the holidays on a whole new level, way more than we had thought by her second time around. Last year she was kind of into the lights and toys, but now she'll totally get it! So we are looking forward to all that.

Cozy with her godfather

I've started saying (as certain household things and clothes get all blucky...yes, in, worn out, stained, messy, slobby...), that I can't have nice things... but I have nice people. I am so grateful for my wonderful family! (Including those who are far away, yet let us stay at their home, and those to came to visit us, and those who Skype with us now, and those who visit their Sophie, and those who just read here about her!)

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