Friday, November 21, 2008

We're going, going...

...gone, to the place where toad tunnels help keep the toads safe. Where you can get a BUI. Where the police station is made out of hay. Where the famer's market is all you need to live.

Yeah, baby!

We'll be with the family for the whole week. We get to see Aunti M and Bad Dan, we get to do Thanksgiving up right, we get to take our daughter to all our old haunts together, and we get to hit the ten year reunion before heading home again.

I might not be online at all this week. Until I return, here is an awesome post on a nice-looking blog I just found. I am so glad I have only ever been encouraged and supported with nursing thus far.

And some pictures of our sweet sunshine and happy family... (I've really been using flickr like a photo blog so you have to check in there regularly! I don't think I've posted any of these here yet; they are old...)

Reading Green Eggs and Ham


Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!

Dashing off to play!


Happy Halloween from Sophie-cat!

Check it, I got a cracker *munch munch*

Say hi and munching

Wearing Grandpa's hat


Matching mouths

Very pleased with her improving climbing abilities

Happy to cuddle with Daddy


Laughing together

She climbed up on the couch that day for the first time!

Smiling Sophie


Leslie said...

Come on Sophie...tell Daddy "Drive, drive, drive!" We can't wait!

Anonymous said...

What a charming little girl! And she's blond, like mine.
:-) Vanessa