Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, we did! ...and yes, we still can...

Wait, actually I DO want to mug for the camera!

Celebrating Election Day with Daddy


And defeat. It's really bittersweet in California today. I'm glad about how most of the state initiatives went countrywide, except for Prop 8 and the others like it across the country. I guess Obama's victory shows that progress makes its way; sometimes it seems slow and sometimes stunningly fast. I hope it doesn't take another 60 years to get rights back for everyone in California and the nation. I can't believe it only took 51% of people (after an expensive campaign with deceptive ads) to take rights away from a minority. I would have thought our constitution would have been better protected than that. This is the stuff (along with the hateful McCain/Palin supporters we got to see this year) that makes me think the Handmaid's Tale could still happen! Blah!

But we'll keep fighting that, and we'll get there. The country is headed in a much better direction now! And we're trying to focus on this huge huge historical moment and celebrate!

Pointing out Daddy's sticker

Trying to take our own picture, trying not to make funny faces

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