Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here we go again

It's still dangerous in toyland!

One in three toys is toxic, says a not very scientific but still scary enough for me as a mommy, study by the Ecology Center. Don't forget about the awesome, growing site They just updated for this year.

The new laws (yay, California, for leading the way in healthy toys, if totally destroying equal rights) that will force toy makers to make safer toys don't take effect until next year, and there could be toxic stock on the shelves for a while yet. Don't get me started on the lack of fair trade for most of this stuff, too. And the play jewelry is downright deadly, it seems!

Once again, it's best to follow the points of Healthy Toys, which I've seen listed in tons of magazines the past few months, and stick with natural materials like organic cotton, wool, natural rubber, and renewable wood. This tends to lead to more open-ended, imaginative, active toys, anyway. We're still trying to not overload on toys but rather amp up on play, but I do want to encourage Sophie's development in certain ways. So we're working on our list, checking in twice (and a third time for toxins!).


Melissa said...

Did you see how many of the art supply-type toys have unsafe levels of toxins???

Manufacturers, please! Make crayons without lead! This is not rocket science! (Just for example. Our crayons are beeswax, but still. Art supplies marketed to children should always be safe, don't you think?)

Leanne said...

I'm really glad you pointed that out, because I hadn't looked at those types of things yet... but I have been thinking lately that art supplies are going to be the new frontier for Sophie pretty soon, and I had the thought in the back of my head that some are probably totally toxic... UGH! What are these people thinking!? (well, besides $$$)