Monday, December 8, 2008

PLEASE contact your representative...

Some well-meaning legislation could very soon mean that we will no longer have access to safe, small-business toys (and possibly clothes and more) in the USA.

Please click here to see information and find out how to contact your representative. I am sending letters right now!

I was really hoping this was going to blow over, but it seems it really could threaten our ability to buy toys such as Selecta (they've said they won't sell in the USA anymore! Waaah!) and small local toymakers' wares. This is ridiculous. They are going to shut down the ability to sell and exist of those toymakers who have already long been vigilant about toy safety, via a law that's meant to deal with Hasboro and the others who keep making toxic toys in China.

We are so close to finally having good basic laws in our country about toy safety, and this comes along... it is so frustrating! I might have to get Auntie M to stock up on European toys by the end of her year abroad, if this really puts and end to this kind of toy being available here. Unbeleivable! We can sell toy jewelry with lead in it that can KILL a kid, but now we're making a law that can screw with companies as careful about children's safety as Selecta?

Okay, I'm off to letter-write!

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