Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby's First Simile

So we're driving down the 101, having just scored some See Kai Run shoes (super soft yet protective rubber and leather shoes, good for developing feet) at 50%, and Sophie is happily wearing them, ready to show Daddy and Grandma as soon as we get home. We stick to the 101 instead of the 5 so we can enjoy the ocean. We're chatting about the ocean and what we see, and the new shoes... and then Sophie says her "shoes blue like the blue ocean." Now, I don't know for a fact that this is her first simile, but I do know that I had said nothing about blue beyond "new blue shoes!" She went on to say her shoes were blue like the blue houses (we were passing lovely beach bungalows), and blue like blue flowers! Wonderful.

These are magic shoes.

Showing me her new shoes

New blue shoes


slaloms said...

That is so cool! Sophie, you're awesome.

On another note...where did you score those shoes? =)

Leanne said...

Ella Grace, in the shopping center in Carlsbad, in the same place as the raw food cafe, you know?

Isn't it funny? I was so excited they had these. Hardly any girls SKRs left (some in 6 I noticed), but a few other brands, and all 50% off. And I was so mad these weren't stocked on the SKR site when we ordered Friday. I swear I only tried them on her to see how they fit, because if SKRs didn't work for her, I figured I'd better get some other brand on sale... but they were sooooo cute, lol.

Ella Grace is NOT going out of business, just having a really good sale. We failed to acquire a tutu or fairy wings, though. I'm going to make those afterall, yay! Lots of cute hairclips but we resisted their siren song.

Melissa said...

Go Sophie! Also: cute shoes. :)

slaloms said...

I need to check that place out. Maybe tomorrow. =) Thanks for the heads up.