Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Imagination

Smiling for the camera

So I wanted to jot down a bunch of the cute games Sophie loves to play lately. I think it was around 14mo she started doing real pretend play, putting her little baby dolls down on the couch pillows and saying sleepy or night night or something like that. Soon she was saying that EVERYthing was sad or happy, like, her baby was sad, sad, sad, boohoo (and tilted it down to the floor) and then gave it hugs and kisses and said now it's happyhappyhappy (and bounced it around). We played this out with dolls, water bottles, my boob, you name it. Pretty funny.


She's been doing more and more intense make-believe in the last few months. The playmobil nativity set made her obsessed with playing with tiny dolls, acting out circle time, going to the bookstore, jumping up, climbing and sliding. We had one day where we made up stories with sock puppets and her ugly dolls, and she's always got her "finger babies" at the ready (we use our fingers to be legs, and they swing, climb, jump, say Hi! hi! Hi! to each other, and sometimes now one is Sophie and one is Uma).

Super awesome

Sophie is ALWAYS coming up to me saying "This is the baby This is the mommy" and it's like the big hairbrush and the little one, or the big water glass and little one, or a bottle of soap and a wooden playfood jam jar. And she started putting in Daddy a lot, too. She decided her big toe is the daddy, the next is mommy, and the pinky is baby. Then she pointed to the two left and said, "and who are THESE guys?" And then the mommy and baby have to say Hi! hi! to each other, and then play on the playground (my leg or book makes a good slide) or jump or dance or ice skate or go to the library or eat different food or something.

Showing off gorgeous daddy-doll
Or getting his hair done, LOL.

She loves to make her dolls have birthday parties, and acts it all out, and picks one whose birthday it is and sings to them. And she has played with her play kitchen, cooking and saying "wait wait wait DING! It's READY!" since last fall. But she gets more involved now, and it's cute to see her roll out her dough and bake a cake for her dolls' party.

Red Baby was picking off the sticky dots

Okay, there's enough stream of consciousness writing on that. I really wanted to get some of the details down so we don't forget her cute games. It's too much; lately she's started making up these complex stories her fingers or dolls are going through.

Happy with her bunny

Other things going on imagination related: I know this is just in my head, but I'm pretty sure the universe gave me a nice ironic kick in the butt today.

To the two women who chatted at lunch today: Thank you for being so sweet about Sophie looking at you and waving and saying hi and being interested in all around her. Thank you for admiring her manners and cuteness and thank you for saying lovely things about my mothering. That made my day.

Kissing her bunny.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of the day. Hubris smack-down awaited. Sophie wouldn't take a nap until pretty late, and she was fragile afterwards... she started SCREAMING and crying for endless repeated bouts for an hour or so after her nap. And honestly, I am sick of nursing her like a newborn. She's been sick twice in a row here and is now teething FOUR teeth, two molars and two canines!!! But it's hard to nurse and play and nurse and play and then listen to sudden screaming cries. So I got to feel like world's worst mom by 4pm. I'm not sure if Sophie or I won the house drama queen title for the day.

With her new golf clubs she requested (as surly as she looks here)

Poor Sophie did better after a little while with Daddy. And she DID pee in the potty again this morning, and sat on it again later willingly.

Finally, we're off to the land of imagination once again tomorrow: we had to delay our trip when Sophie puked all over me (that's what I get for trying to dress like a put-together wife ONE TIME: puke all over me!!!), but David spent a bit of his birthday money to upgrade our Disney tix to an ongoing pass. So we get to go any time we want now (weekdays and not big holiday times). So that's where we'll be tomorrow! Yay!


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