Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Picking Right Back Up...

Can't cover the months of backlog... can't dwell on what I should be recapping... must just write what's going on NOW!

We went to the zoo today. Sophie enjoyed petting some goats. "Go to the zoo. Pet some goats!" was her plan, she told us. We found some awesome apes thanks to our mama friends.

Happy on her tortoise

Niiiiiice goat

Sophie enjoyed her very first trip to Disneyland on Daddy's birthday. She was a bit unsure about the rides in general, but enjoyed the submarine, pirates, tiki room, and small world a lot. She was sooo excited and not scared at all at meeting Mickey Mouse!

Mouse ears!

Meeting Mickey Mouse!

Mommy and Sophie with the castle

Looking at some idol

Funny clock!


Did you see this yet on flickr? Thanks to the Queen of Hearts, Sophie fell in love with Valentine's Day...
Cozy with the Queen of Hearts

K, that's all I've got. I'm out!

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